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SIN CITY Is Heading To The Small Screen

Taking their cues from Frank Miller's 1991 neo-noir graphic novels, at least two live action adaptations of Sin City arose and while the first was a hit in 2005, its 2014 sequel, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, fared way, way less.
Fast forward three years later and now it appears there's something to salvage in a serial reboot from TWC/Dimension now in development according to Deadline. Len Wiseman, know prolifically for either directing, writing and/or producing the Underworld film saga, will helm the series with new writing by Glen Mazzara (The Shield, The Walking Dead, Damien) that will focus more on the source material with original characters and timelines.
Stephen L'Heureux who produced Sin City: A Dame To Kill For will oversee the series as well as produce with Miller, Mazzara and Wiseman and TWC/Dimension's own Bob and Harvey Weinstein.
To be frank, really, I've only ever seen the sequel - I never got around to the first film but there's no need to rem…

There Can Be Only One ALPHA In The Official Trailer For Ryan Monolopolous's Martial Arts Action Sci-Fi Short

Sci-fi action is great. Always. Sci-fi action with a martial arts tweak, for me however, is something that will get me everytime, and no less factual with actor, stunt professional, writer and filmmaker Ryan Monolopolous for his latest shortfilm endeavor, Alpha.
Monolopolous is joined on camera by Jake Quinn and Josh Flaugher in a story centered on secret program in which three genetically modified subjects - Echo, Beta and Delta - are brutally pitted against one another to become the new Alpha. Hailing from Monolopolus productions in association with Foot Trail Films and On Camera Combatives, Alpha is one of three film projects from varying local filmmakers that will have their premiere on June 24 at the Plaza Theater in Atlanta, Georgia and you can learn more about it at the Eventbrite page where tickets are still available.
Thus, following last year's quick action highlight reel for the short, we now have a fully-fledged official trailer running online. Actor David Sisson and …

Adam Wingard To Helm GODZILLA VS. KONG

Making a name for himself with low-budget horror thrillers You're Next, A Horrible Way To Die, and The Guest, Adam Wingard has closed a deal with Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. to direct the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong for a May 22, 2020 release date.

Legendary and Warner have teamed up to revive the classic monster universe. Starting with the 2014 release of Godzilla, it culminated with the phenomenal success of Kong: Skull Island earlier this year (which has grossed $565 million, globally) that a sequel, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, starring Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga, and Millie Bobby Brown, is currently in production.

Wingard's directorial reboot of Blair Witch last year was made for $5 million and had a box office run of $45.2 million. Not too shabby for a slightly entertaining horror flick that has lost a lot of it's audience and charm.

The writers that Legendary has put together to author the script began in March with Terry Rossio (Pirates of the Carr…

Home Invasion Drama BREAKING IN Casts Gabrielle Union

Producer powerhouse Will Packer is weeks away from the release of director Malcolm D. Lee's upcoming comedy, Girls Night. In the meantime, Packer will be reuniting with actress Gabrielle Union (Being Mary Jane, Sleepless) for the upcoming drama, Breaking In, with cameras rolling in July.
Ninja Assassin and The Raven helmer James McTeigue is directing from a screenplay by Ryan Engle which centers on a woman who fights to protect the ones she loves during a home invasion. Union is also producing with Packer, James Lopez and Practical Pictures's Craig Perry and Sheila Taylor. Jaime Primak Sullivan who pitched the script idea is executive producing as are Valerie Bleth Sharp and Jeff Morrone.
Union is represented by CAA and Primary Wave with Packer and McTeigue both by by CAA. Original Artists represents Engle. (Deadline)

DRONE Targets Home From Signature Entertainment In The U.K. This July

That art imitates life is a statement that serves a staunch reminder of the impact of film with respect to real world issues today and the stories therein. Acclaimed director Jason Borque's newest thriller, Drone, as other films like it, looks like a compelling reflection of this fact with evocative delivery in its latest trailer with actors Sean Bean and Patrick Sabongui front and center. Drone pilot and family man Neil (Sean Bean; TV’s Game Of Thrones, The Martian) has spent his career conducting deadly, covert missions overseas from the comfort of his suburban hometown. When an enigmatic, Pakistani businessman (Patrick Sabongui; TV’s Homeland, Arrow) manages to track Neil down at his home seeking revenge, Neil must confront the consequences of his actions.Also starring Mary McCormack (TV’s The West Wing, The Newsroom) and Joel David Moore (Avatar, The Guest), DRONE is a supremely timely and electrifyingly taut thriller that examines the consequences of making decisions from afa…

BERLIN FALLING: Catch The Teaser And Official Trailer For Ken Duken's Timely Terrorist Thriller

There's no doubt that actor Ken Duken's latest film marking his directorial debut is immersed in a sea of grim irony; That the new road thriller, Berlin Falling, comes as both inspired by and in the wake of tragic world events is not with a sense of heavy surrealism.
It's an otherwise adventitious setup for the upcoming July screenings being slated in Germany following NFP's acquisition of the film back in February. Duken also served as one of the producers and helped pen the script which joins him with actor Tom Wlaschiha (Game Of Thrones) which centers on a deadly fight for survival between a man on his way to Berlin, and the backpacker carrying a bomb with plans to detonate it in the city upon arrival.
Sans subtitles, a teaser and trailer have since made their way online and you're more than welcome to check them out below.

Cuong Seven Goes Superhuman In The Official Trailer For Vietnamese Actioner, LOI BAO

With plenty of reason to believe 2017 won't be the last we hear from Blood Letter helmer Victor Vu, the Vietnamese-American filmmaker's latest, Loi Bao, already looks quite the contender in Asian action cinema with none other than actor Cuong Seven in the lead role. The film is poised for an October release moved a month from earlier reports of a September date, and now has an official trailer to show for its efforts.

That being said, there aren't any plot specifics being made publically available (at least none that I can find in English yet), although the English subtitles do allow a bit more for absorption. This, plus a story seeming of a man back from the verge of death who takes on a new identity and is suddently imbued with superb fighting and athletic skills and the ability to lift a car with his bare hands...
I'm pretty sure this his peaked the interest of people. Check out the trailer below!


The 17th edition of the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival has already announced its first eight titles from its official selection spanning a variety of genres and territories and you'll find them listed at the official website. In the meantime, they won't be the only feature on display when the festival kicks off on June 30 when fest attendees can expect to catch acclaimed filmmaker Miike Takashi who himself has been having a pretty lively year.
Thus, forthcoming will be the auteur's arrival as guest of honor in addition to presenting his latest anime/manga adaptation, JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable - Chapter One ahead of its August 4 Japan release from Toho and Warner Bros. Japan. The film will screen on Sunday, July 2nd as part of the International Competition with Miike, select crew and the film's principal star, actor Yamazaki Kento on hand before the film's second festival premiere at the 21st edition of Fantasia which kicks…

THE HIT LIST: May 29, 2017

My weekend was pretty good. I finally managed to relax a little on Saturday and Sunday with some obligatory movie viewing before commencing putting together tonight's Hit List.

Speaking of which, there is a LOT to cover so, let's get onto it with the latest updated stunt reel by Jazzy Ellis, and other new stunt and training reels by some of today's top and up-and-coming stunt performers, including Nik Pelekai (more on him later), Kristina Baskett, Kevin Rogers, Kyla Hymas, Cris Fonseca, Christina Howe, Bryan Vigier, Eric C. SunKent LloydBrandon McClaryRobert Steven Brown (more on him later) and Kefi Abrikh.
Two extensive reels round out the stunt reels of the week in the playlist, first of which carries a bit of a story theme to it for stuntman Jordan Scott as he invokes a journey of trial over tribulation through imagery and his contribution to the field. It's more of a personal feat than one he showcases for work (you can view that one here), but it's avail…

OATS STUDIOS: VOLUME ONE Trailer Sets The Stage For Neill Blomkamp's Experimental Sci-Fi Action Foray

While filmmaker Neill Blomkamp may be further from seeing his vision for 20th Century Fox's Alien franchise, he's no less been keeping himself pretty busy. The Escape shortfilm was a blast last Fall and now with a premiere date in the works for gaming platform, Steam, a brand new project is well on the way in a series of experimental shortfilms and judging by the first trailer itself, it appears he's off to a spectacular start.
Point in fact, while what you see now hailed as Oats Studios: Volume One will be accessible as a means of revenue for the studio, it's moreso meant as a conversation starter for Blomkamp and fans of his work to discuss various concepts and see what can be expanded and built on. That being said, there's no clear plot info but the imagery is clear as day immersing our tale in a post-apocalyptic setting, swarms of destruction and military might, and a young girl's brush with alien life. 
Personally I can't think of a better, more feasible…

DIVERTED EDEN: Watch The First Trailer For Prince Bagdasarian's Kidnap Thriller

Following his 2013 heist thriller debut, Abstraction, writer and director Prince Bagdasarian is back and with something of a slightly larger-in-scale thriller with the new film, Diverted Eden. Bagdasarian took to a social media event page to exclusively present the film's first trailer before airing it publicly on Monday. After 7 year old Eden is kidnapped during an home invasion, single father Dane Hunte takes matters into his own hands, while Detective Fini, leading the investigation, unravels the mystery surrounding the unusual crime. Release dates and other news remain pending for the film which has Daniel Josev and actress Scout Taylor-Compton leading the cast. Check out the trailer and debut artwork below and follow the film on Facebook!

Kim Ok-Vin Is Absolutely Killer In The Official Trailer For THE VILLAINESS!

Director and stunt veteran Jung Byung-Gil's new action thriller, The Villainess, is already primed for releases beyond South Korea, and much to his credit as a director who seemingly wasn't keen on eating up the narrative that female-driven action titles don't sell.
"I always like doing the opposite of what people tell me to do." he tellsVariety. "Put it this way: People say an action film led by an actress won’t work, but maybe that simply means no one tries it. I thought this was the right time to go for it myself." Freshly off from premiering at Cannes in the past week, the film couldn't arrive at a better time than during a summer in which we have at least two big female-led action titles. For this, we can assuredly add actress and martial artist Kim Ok-Vin to the marquee, starring here as a woman whose killer past catches up to her newfound future as a happily married woman.

Also starring are actors Shin Ha-Kyun and Sung Joon for the film's…

Review: Gordon Chan's GOD OF WAR Unwavers With Dogma

It's been a long time since I had seen a Gordon Chan film. Point in fact the last time I did was with The Medallion - demonstrably one of the lesser-impressive Jackie Chan films even for all his Hollywood hype at the time. Still we're talking about the same guy who brought us the forever-immortalized Jet Li's 1995-starrer, Fist Of Legend, showcasing a simplistic, clear-cut tale of wartime drama, murder mystery and intrigue, coupled with martial arts action cinema's best and legendary in film fight scenery.
No doubt though these that Chan can hold his own, apart from the complexities and advancements of film along with his own growth. While not entirely perfect, his newest epic, God Of War, offers a feasible and entertaining array of story and period cinema articulation with actor and martial artist Vincent Zhao in a starring role - something which I can wholly appreciate as I feel he's one of the more underused performers among today's crop. Here, he takes the…

A Case For Better Action Movies: NEVER BACK DOWN: NO SURRENDER (2016)

I don't generally review movies that have been out for very long - it saves me time in between all the other content I have to cover for this site and... well... sleeping, eating and all of my other daily functions and priorities. That said, I felt compelled to talk about actor Michael Jai White and his prospects as a director, which I think is as equally important as his film stardom among martial arts genre fans.
As an actor he's more versatile than some folks who watch his movies may care to know or realize - rudimentary in the fact that he generally cares about film, which I like. For this, it helps me appreciate what he's brought in the last six years in exuding the subsequent direct-to-DVD distribution of the now culminating Never Back Down trilogy to its current existence with the most recent addition, Never Back Down: No Surrender.
That he cares to make action movies for folks like myself is something I couldn't be more thankful for, and all the more opportun…

Sony Pictures Seeks ULTIMATE JUSTICE In U.S. And Canada This October

2017 has assured itself as yet another terrific year for the action and martial arts moviegoing crowd with the forthcoming release of director Martin Christopher Bode's latest Mark Dacascos starrer, Ultimate Justice. For this, it was at some point during Cannes that new sales art was unveiled to promote the film and thankfully we now have that artwork viewable below, along with word of a U.S. and Canadian release set for October 3 from Vision Films via Sony Pictures.
The film marks a long-awaited return to the genre for actor Dacascos who recently debuted as director while co-starring in Alexander Nevsky headliner, Showdown In Manila; Dacascos leads the cast of Ultimate Justice from a script by Marco Theiss that centers on a squad of former elite soldiers who rejoin when one of their own is attacked. Also starring are co-producer and fight choreographer Mike Moeller, actors Matthias Hues, Wolfgang Riehm and Brandon Rhea, and actresses Yazmeen Baker and Sandra Tauro with co-star M…

Scott Adkins Wants UNDISPUTED 5! There's Only One Problem...

An exasperating wait, no less, for folks like myself who live in the U.S.. Still, it's nice to know that a Blu-Ray/Digital HD release of the new tournament martial arts thriller, Boyka: Undisputed, is well on its way with an August release, while it's even nicer to know that the film's star, actor and martial artist Scott Adkins wants to do a fifth.
He says so at around the 11:40 mark in his latest interview now online following his recent appearance at MCM Expo in London this week to discuss the role and the film as a whole - And not for nothing either as he continues to pound away at fans who enjoy his movies, but insist on stealing them online which will otherwise kill any chance of the film happening before 2030 if we're lucky (my words, not his).
Adkins also shares several new images from his latest, Accident Man, and some gems on Michael Cuesta's American Assassin, working with Tony Jaa on the recently-wrapped ensemble action thriller, Triple Threat, and muc…

THE VILLAINESS: Catch The Teaser Trailer For Well Go USA's Release Of The New South Korean Action Thriller

Jung Byoung-Gil's new movie, The Villainess, is probably one of the most hyped Asian thrillers of the summer. Really, that's a matter of opinion but I haven't yet met a person who learned about this movie and isn't excited for it.

We have a hit director on our hands with a notable stunt background, and a worthy actress with gumption proven through her own martial arts training. Plus, if you've been paying attention to the press in wake of the film's Cannes screenings, you also know the film has itself quite the handful of reviews to back it up. Since she was a little girl, Sook-hee was raised to be a deadly assassin. She gladly accepts the chance to start a new life when South Korea’s Intelligence Agency recruits her as a sleeper agent, with the promise of complete freedom after ten years of service. But soon after taking on her new identity as Chae Yeon-soo, a 27-year-old theatre actress, she begins to realize that for someone who has lived as a killer her ent…

THE CLEANER AND THE DEADMAN Goes Ballistic In The First Trailer For Jess Bryden's Ultra-Low Budget Indie Action Thriller

There's a whole lot of somethin' happening here in writer/director Jess Bryden's debut feature, The Cleaner And The Deadman. The first extended official trailer for the Hawaii-produced indie action thriller arrived on Monday and you can take away from it what you will.
It's not a lot in terms of substance, but what it does sell is a crapton of action and spectacle; explosive gun battles and fight scenery, the usual doses of CG and green-screen tomfoolery, and Netflix series Daredevil's Elektra stunt double and actress Lauren Mary Kim laying waste from start to finish. Two contract killers are hired by competing cartels to hunt down an elusive drug scientist in London. After failing to intercept the scientist as he is smuggled across the Pacific, the two hit men find themselves on the run and fighting for their own survival, in what can be described as "one of the most insane action-packed finales in independent cinema history".There's no mention of rele…

Buckle Your Seatbelts For The New Trailer For THE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD

In the spirit of keeping the summer movie hype going, director Patrick Hughes's new action comedy, The Hitman's Bodyguard is back to boast a little more of its promising thrills apart from its first red-band trailer last month. ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live took to its audience late Thursday evening to unveil an exclusive look at the second official trailer ahead of its August 18 release.
The world’s top protection agent [Ryan Reynolds] is called upon to guard the life of his mortal enemy, one of the world’s most notorious hitmen [Samuel L. Jackson]. The relentless bodyguard and manipulative assassin have been on the opposite end of the bullet for years and are thrown together for a wildly outrageous 24 hours. During their raucous and hilarious adventure from England to the Hague, they encounter high-speed car chases, outlandish boat escapades and a merciless Eastern European dictator [Gary Oldman] who is out for blood. Salma Hayek joins the mayhem as Jackson’s equally notorious…

WIND RIVER: Watch The Chilling New Trailer For Taylor Sheridan's Directorial Debut

Taylor Sheridan is riding a wave of buzz this week. Having already garnered praise with screenwriting credits on critical hit thrillers like Denis Villeneuve's Sicario and David McKenzie's Hell Or High Water, his own directorial debut appears to be nothing short of a step up in caliber with Wind River following its screening at Sundance and January, and its amply-received Un Certain Regard screening at Cannes this month.
WIND RIVER is a chilling thriller that follows a rookie FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) who teams up with a local game tracker with deep community ties and a haunted past (Jeremy Renner) to investigate the murder of a local girl on a remote Native American Reservation in the hopes of solving her mysterious death. Written and directed by Taylor Sheridan, WIND RIVER also stars Gil Birmingham, Jon Bernthal, Julia Jones, Kelsey Asbille, and James Jordan.The Weinstein Company acquired the rights to the film a little under a few weeks ago and now presents our first offic…

Shared Spider-Man Universe Adaptation, SILVER & BLACK, Pins Gina Prince-Bythewood To Direct

Sony Pictures landed its latest trailers just on Wednesday landing heavily on its campaign with less than a month and a half to go before its release of Spider-Man: Homecoming starring Tom Holland. I suppose that doesn't mean Sony is dropping the ball as active as they have shown themselves for the fledgling Marvel reboot that has since brought forth its own cinematic Spiderverse into the headlines with talk of an R-rated Venom and a female-driven adventure within the same universe.

Of course latter had been stirring since 2014 and just this year it was confirmed that mercenary Silver Sable and boundless burglar Black Cat would be at the center of the film. Thus, assuring the female-driven affair of Sony's forthcoming Marvel adaptation, the aptly titled Silver & Black, comes Thursday's hiring of Gina Prince-Bythewood (Love & Basketball, The Secret Life Of Bees, Freeform's Cloak & Dagger - pilot) to direct the film. She will also re-pen Christopher Yost'…

Blow Your Nintendo Cartridges And Watch The New CASTLEVANIA Series Teaser!

While it wasn't too clear what we would be in for when Adi Shankar announced there would be a Castlevania series airing on Netflix this year, we learned what we could - that it was based on the classic 1986 Konami game, that it was animated and that it was coming this year.
We also knew it was a Season 1 endeavor as it was initially stated - otherwise hopefully hinting at a second season should season one bode well enough for viewers and depending on where the studio goes in its application. Well, the first official teaser arrived on Wednesday announcing a July 7 premiere date on Netflix, and in ceremonial, nostalgic fashion.
Check it out!

Steve McQueen Crime Thriller, WIDOWS, Starts Filming

Twentieth Century Fox has officially begun production on 12 Years A Slave helmer, Academy Award®-winning director Steve McQueen's new movie, Widows. Gone Girl scribe, co-writer and bestselling author Gillian Flynn's script sets the tone for a blistering, modern-day thriller set against the backdrop of crime, passion and corruption from See-Saw Films in association with New Regency.
Widows is the story of four women with nothing in common except a debt left behind by their dead husbands’ criminal activities. Set in contemporary Chicago, amid a time of turmoil, tensions build when Veronica (Oscar® winner Viola Davis), Alice (Elizabeth Debicki), Linda (Michelle Rodriguez) and Belle (Cynthia Erivo) take their fate into their own hands and conspire to forge a future on their own terms. Joining our leading quartet are Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell, Robert Duvall, Daniel Kaluuya, Lukas Haas and Brian Tyree Henry. See-Saw Films' Oscar®-winning team of Iain Canning and Emile Sherman

Abram Tarasov Has A Special Invitation For JOHN WICK Fans

Chad Stahelski's John Wick: Chapter Two is available for pre-order Blu-Ray combo pack and currently on Digital HD, now rolling out as one of the single-best action movies of 2017. For this, we are just in time for co-star Peter Stormare's invite relish in on the bodycount some in an upcoming Facebook live video event now (re)scheduled on Tuesday, May 30th at 1pm EST/10am PST.

Actor Keanu Reeves returns to the title role that became a surprise box office hit 2014 and followed suit back in February. Having avenged his late wife's legacy in the first film, a blood oath with a former colleague ensnares Wick's peaceful resolve, forcing him back on the violent path of bloodshed in a series of events that could very well bring him to the point of no return.

Also starring are Ricardo Scamarcio, Ian McShane, Ruby Rose, Common and John Leguizamo.

Click here to subscribe to the official John Wick fan page on Facebook, and per the confirmation of a third chapter, stay tuned for m…

TOP GUN 2 Puts OBLIVION Helmer Joseph Kosinski In The Pilot's Seat To Direct

Having directed actor Tom Cruise for his 2013 outing in sci-fi actioner, Oblivion, some would say it would make sense to make him a candidate for the long-awaited sequel to the 1986 high-flying military drama, Top Gun. As such, it now seems to be the case according to a new exclusive report from Variety thus confirming.

The news comes just a few days after Cruise laid it all out in a single quote telling Australian talk show Sunrise that it was "definitely happening". The film itself had been in the works since around 2010 or earlier, then stifled by the subsequent suicidal tragedy of director Tony Scott who helmed the original film that propelled Cruise into Hollywood stardom as U.S. Fighter Pilot, LT. Pete Mitchell, call signed "Maverick".
Skydance CEO David Ellison and Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced the original, will produce with Cruise from a script recently penned by Justin Marks that will reportedly explore the world of drone technology and fifth generatio…

DEADPOOL 2 Casts Its Villain In Jack Kesy

Time will tell how Donald and Stephen Glover's animated foray with Deadpool will bode. For now though, a June 1, 2018 release date looms for 20th Century Fox's R-rated Marvel successor, Deadpool 2 following last year's hit with Ryan Reynolds returning to star.
Thusly, news from Deadline confirms the addition of The Strain series and upcoming Death Wish co-star, actor Jack Kesy for the likely role of Black Tom Cassidy, a noted X-Men antagonist who can manipulate and bond with plant life as well as charge energy through a shillelagh - or a wooden-like walking stick (I can hear Wade Wilson's shameless cripple jokes already.)
Josh Brolin is time-traveling supersoldier Cable while actress Zazie Beetz debuts the role of luck-bending killer Domino. Stephen Kapcic will return to voice-over X-Men member Colossus next to actress Brianna Hildebrand reprising as Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Morena Baccarin will return as Vanessa, Wilson's love interest.
David Leitch is directin…

Joe Lynch's SXSW Hit, MAYHEM, Finally Gets U.S. Distribution

Everly helmer Joe Lynch is back and in stellar fashion these days following the rave SXSW reviews stemming from his latest, Mayhem. The Steven Yuen-starring contained action horror adventure is finally readying a late 2017 release in North America followed by AMC's streaming platform, Shudder early next year according to Variety.
A dangerous virus, one that prevents the infected from controlling their inhibitions, is discovered in a corporate law building, the very same firm that recently cleared an infected man on murder charges. When a quarantine is issued and the building goes on lockdown, all hell breaks loose inside, while a disgruntled employee (Steven Yeun) and an irate client (Samara Weaving) must fight and even kill their way to the top to “have a word” with the corrupt executives who wronged them before time runs out. Award-wining shortfilm scribe, screenwriter Matias Caruso earns this as his debut feature with Steven Brand and Dallas Roberts also starring. While the rest…

Les Cinémas Gaumont Pathé Expands IMAX Deal For Six New Theaters In France And Holland

IMAX is reportedly expanding its dealings in Europe this week according to a new announcement from IMAX Corporation out of Cannes. The company signed a hybrid joint revenue share agreement with major cinema staple, Les Cinémas Gaumont Pathé, for six new IMAX® theatres - five of which will be installed in France with IMAX's next-generation laser technology, and one IMAX theater in Holland.

The deal, finalized on Wednesday during a meeting between the parties at the Cannes Film Festival, builds on last year's 5-theatre deal between the two firms, this adding to 28 Les Cinémas Gaumont Pathé total IMAX commitment, with 17 theatres in France, seven in the Netherlands and four in Switzerland that are currently open or contracted to open.
“We’re extremely encouraged by the strong momentum and accelerated growth that IMAX continues to see in Western Europe – particularly in France, where our commercial network doubled in 2016," said IMAX Corp. CEO Richard L. Gelfond.  “Through e…


A lifetime of sci-fi and literary appreciation, nearly four decades of filmic output, two (maybe) scripts, well over $180 million dollars and almost 15 times the visual shots used in his 1997 sci-fi, The Fifth Element, director Luc Besson now has something meaty to present the summer moviegoing crowd in Valerian: The City Of A Thousand Planets. His latest interview with Deadline gives a greater scope at the strain he now faces in comparison to his previous work and especially in the wake of technological advancements in filmmaking, notably sampled in James Cameron's 2009 hit, Avatar, and so it's worth reading in my opinion.

For now, however, we have the final trailer in our midst this week ahead of the film's July 7 release. Actress Cara Delevingne and actor Dane Dehaan make way as interstellar space agents who journey to a bustling space metropolis to investigate a looming threat that could also gravely affect the universe. Also starring are Clive Owen, Rihanna, Ethan Haw…

AH, KOYA: Touch Gloves And Get Ready To Rumble In The First Teaser For Kishi's Boxing Drama Twofer

If boxing dramas are your thing, then you can attribute your latest query to Terayama Shuji, author of the 1966 novel, Ah, Koya. Actors Suda Masaki and Yang Ik-June take the lead in the film adaptation set in a not-too-distant future Shinjuku in Tokyo where a troubled youth and a stuttering recluse meet in a boxing gym - a succession in overcoming their own personal odds...

(Suddenly I feel like watching Crying Fist again.)

Ah, Koya was adapted for the screen by Minato Takehiko, and helmer Kishi Yoshiyuki - the latter who reunites with Suda in this, their second outing of three - the third being an immediate sequel in the form of Ah, Koya 2. Both respectively open in Japan on October 7 and October 21.

Check out the first teaser below!

Frankly, CHINA SALESMAN Looks Like Crap

And sounds like crap, but if the explosions and action are what reel you in for China Salesman, then kudos.

Tan Bing writes and directs with Brotherhood Of Blades co-star Ethan Li starring in the title role as our cheekily addressed protagonist doing business in Africa. It all somehow adds up to a fight scene between Mike Tyson's frown and Steven Seagal's wavy hands - all accompanied by piss poor acting and dialogue, high speed chases, terrible CG, and a Henry Cavill lookalike just to pepper things up some...

Yeah, please take my money. 😑

The latest trailer has it all... and explody things. Enjoy.

Watch Two New Trailers For SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING

We've got more than a month until Jon Watts's Spider-Man: Homecoming opens in theaters and so Sony Pictures has plenty of time and opportunity to make its case. The only minor downside is that apparently Wonder Woman is the most anticipated superhero film of the summer, which is great for Warner Bros.'s still-fledgeling DC cinematic foray, and for a film that's already rating higher than expected among early viewers.

Still, the new film now bringing actor Tom Holland to the forefront of the webslinger's latest franchise reboot should still garner its share of summer movie success, particularly since the latest cut of the film is what's pushing the current prospects for Tom Hardy's R-rated Venom and other shared-Spiderverse titles. For this, as a reboot all its own, it still has to adhere to Marvel's own fast track toward ending Phase 3 with two major Avengers films looming, and the latest trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming now online appear to do just …

Bona To Lead Investment In WWII Epic, MIDWAY; Roland Emmerich To Direct

Fresh out of Cannes Bona Film Group will lead the investment on renowned director Roland Emmerich's new World War II epic, Midway for The Mark Gordon Company. Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, 2012, 10,000 B.C., Independence Day: Resurgence) will direct the film from a script by Wes Tooke, inspired by the true story of the Battle of Midway – a turning point in the Pacific theater of World War II in June of 1942.
As the logline reads: "The story follows the real soldiers and aviators who pulled off the unbelievable to turn the tide of the war." Bona will also release the film in China and has retained worldwide distribution rights excluding the U.S.. Bona founder, chairman and CEO Yu Dong will produce the film with Emmerich, as will MGC's own Mark Gordon and Matt Jackson, and producer Harald Kloser. MGC's Josh Clay Phillips will oversee on behalf of the company.
The film marks another partnership for Emmerich and the Mark Gordon Company following Emmerich's

Sono Sion's TOKYO VAMPIRE HOTEL Checks In With A New Action Packed Trailer

Director Sono Sion's new nine part action horror series, Tokyo Vampire Hotel is gearing up for a June 16 premiere exclusively in Japan via Amazon Prime. Alas, there's nothing being stirred of a release anywhere else beyond that point and hopefully it will be strictly a matter of time soon, but at least the trailers are visble online to tease us poor Westerners. Ha!

The series follows Sono's protégé, actress Tomite Ami in the role of Manami, a young woman targeted amid Earth's takeover of the evil Corvin vampire tribe on the eve of her 22nd birthday. Upon her rescue by a mysterious and extraordinary heroine named K (Kaho) and with mankind's destruction looming, the epic story continues with a ragtag grouping of young men and women, some on a dating retreat, now trapped inside the lush Hotel Requiem whose eerie management promise safe haven from outside as long as their newfound prisoners continue to procreate more humans to feed off of.

Actor Mitsushima Shinnosuke …

T-34: Tanks...Tanks Everywhere In The First Trailer For Alexey Sidorov's WWII Epic

Emboldened by a string of five films, director/producer duo Alexey Sidorov and Ruben Dishdishyan are well on the way with the new war epic, T-34 which had its day at Cannes in the past week. Russian film agency Rosinko presented footage from the film ahead of its 2018 release and we now have a trailer to hint at what's being promised here: A one-man tank war against a squad of Nazi tanks. Things go boom no matter what the odds are. The year 1941. Young cadet Ivushkin, who’d just graduated, has to fight an uphill battle against Nazi tank ace Jager. Only few believe he’s got a chance: fighting alone against a dozen of German machines. Yet, luck favors the bold.Their second meeting might have never happened, but the fate at wartime is really into surprises - it grants each one his own. One gets true love who will help him overcome all the obstacles. The other one gets an obsession that drives him forward, burning down from the inside. 1944, Ohrdruf tank training ground. Captive Ivush…

Hitman Drama, ASHER, Casts Ron Perlman

He may not be Hellboy anymore beyond two great and memorable films, but Ron Perlman still stands out as one of the cinema's best actors. Out of Cannes, the news now is he will be starring in the new drama, Asher, which XYZ Films took to Cannes over the week.
Perlman stars in the title role, former member of the Mossad now living an austere life in Brooklyn, New York City as a gun for hire. Upon a job that goes sideways, he breaks an oath he took as a young man when he meets a woman named Sophie, a preamble to Asher's last ditch effort to kill the man he was in order to become the man he wants to be.
Also starring are Famke Janssen, Richard Dreyfuss, Peter Facinelli, Jacqueline Bisset, Richard Schiff, Guy Burnet and Nadine Velazquez with Rob Roy helmer Michael Canton-Jones directing from. Jay Zaretsky's script.
Perlman will produce via his Wing And A Prayer Pictures with Josh Crook, alongside Adam Folk of Bullet Pictures and Brian Wilkins of LINK Entertainment. Gersh and…


Two really great bits of news arrived this past weekend at Cannes with Well Go USA on hand to nab itself a nifty pair of titles after just recently acquiring Jung Byoung-Gil's The Villainess. Said titles bring actor and martial artist Max Zhang front and center for and even bigger spotlight with news on the acquisition of The Invisible Dragon and Cheung Tin-Chi, the latter which commences filming this summer.
Hailing from director Fruit Chan for a 2018 release, The Invincible Dragon casts Zhang opposite Anderson Silva in the story of a detective who, in the wake of a spate of homicides under investigation by his team, sets out to find his fianceé's kidnapper. Also starring are Stephy Tang, Kevin Cheng and JuJu Chan; Cheung Tin-Chi still awaits production but has Zhang lined-up to reprise the title role as seen in the Donnie Yen-starring 2016 hit, Ip Man 3, and will be joined by the likes of Dave Bautista (Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2), Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden…