Will Neal Purvis And Robert Wade Return To Pen BOND 25?

I'll be sure to post my own opinions on the most recent 007 film, Spectre, at another time. Meanwhile, Eon Productions is looking forward to another installment and when we last heard on the matter from the franchise's current star, Daniel Craig, his participation was noted as somewhat negotiable and maybe even missing the role in its absence, his prior sentiments notwithstanding - slit wrists and such.

At any rate, it's been reported in a piece over at Daily Mail, forwarded by Variety, that the new film may hopefully have its writers aboard in Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. The two have written five Bond films prior to Spectre, including The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day with Pierce Brosnan starring, Craig's debut in the BAFTA-nominated Casino Royale, and follow-ups Quantum Of Solace and Skyfall.

Granted, neither writer are confirmed at the moment as the continuation of the film series here may be slow to pass. That may be due in part to creative measures and the increase of stakes out title hero faces, and Wade offered some perspective in that regard.

“I’m just not sure how you would go about writing a James Bond film now,” he says. “Each time, you’ve got to say something about Bond’s place in the world, which is Britain’s place in the world. But things are moving so quickly now, that becomes tricky. With people like Trump, the Bond villain has become a reality. So when they do another one, it will be interesting to see how they deal with the fact that the world has become a fantasy.”

Certainly the Bond films serve as enhanced spy fantasy and spectacle, but that doesn't shirk the importance of setting the backdrop appropriately with a villain that lends more to the screen than just more of the same. Trump, indeed, the current president of the United States, has become and continues to be cannon fodder whilst narrowing the gap some, equally serving as a comparison tool among critics which leads one to wonder how the next Bond villain will top that of the last one...

...which reminds me, again, I still need to see Spectre. That said, in lieu of the current state of governance and policy in the U.S. and U.K. and abroad, I'm sure there's plenty of political malfeasance to mull over with ample means to designate Bond's place in the world. And, moreover, I'm positive this is doable whether the tirle role be taken by another male or for a first, a female. Yes, I'll take a female Bond if they can turn that page correctly.

Craig's next role will be seen in Steven Soderburgh's Logan Lucky this August.

Comment below and share your thoughts on what you would like to see in the next 007 film!


  1. My biggest complaint of all the last 5-6 bond movies is the lack of cool gadgets that made the old bond movies so memorable..


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