Mercenaries Are Out For Aswang Blood In The First BLOOD HUNTERS: RISE OF THE HYBRIDS Teaser

With The Philippines standing as one of numerous film markets around the world where the action genre has been left stagnant, the brunt of progress is, instead, left in the hands of inspired creatives working independently to produce their own contributions without major studio backing. It's something that people like Vincent Soberano has had to accustom to in order to for his new movie, Blood Hunters: Rise Of The Hybrids, with the film partly founded on its acclaimed shortfilm predecessor, and with this comes a fresh new teaser now out and about to help sample some of the goods.

It's not a bad looking effort either and quite the opposite, especially for his first feature film. Soberano himself is an actor as well as a Muay Thai champion and documentary filmmaker, and it is here he furthers his film debut as well in a lead role from his own script, joining with a martial arts-heavy cast of notable, telegenic athletes including actresses Sarah Chang and former fitness competitor and Lady Bloodfight co-star Mayling Ng, cinematic Hall Of Famer and actor Levy Ignacio, actor Temujin Shirzada and Makati congressman and longstanding local action star, Taekwondo champion Monsour Del Rosario. 

A secret organization hires ruthless mercenaries to hunt down the queen of aswang, an underworld species. Their goal: to extract her blood, which has the capability of bringing humans back from the dead and transforming them into Aswang creatures.
The film is poised to hopefully take the international stage as it's also an English-language pic which ought to garner some extra attention overseas. This, in addition to the stimulating fight action centric on Filipino style, Arnis, as well as MMA with Jeff Centauri directing the action sequences and Revirick Jocson on choreography detail aided by some of its cast, further embodies this as a team effort with true Filipino appeal that could help stir the pot once more for locally-produced action movies given the right people and the ample support needed.

Consider Blood Hunters: Rise Of The Hybrids a genuine call to action through and through. Check out the teaser now and stick around for more info.


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