John Hennigan Takes Out The Trash In The First BOONE: THE BOUNTY HUNTER Trailer

Four films into his career and director Robert Kirbyson's latest is not only the first of his I've heard, but one that comes our way naturally for the audience it's geared to. For this, we get former actor-turned-wrestler John Hennigan (Hercules Reborn, Bat In The Sun) turning heads with his latest feats of stuntwork and quirky one liners in Boone: The Bounty Hunter, in which we now get to sample these and more in the first trailer.

Boone the Bounty Hunter follows Boone, America’s favorite reality-show bounty hunter and his crew, Kat, Denny and Jackson, as they ‘Boone’ the crap out of delinquent celebutantes. Although Boone is a talented parkour practitioner, he’s a bit naïve as to how his skills translate in the real world. No matter. If you’re a celebrity and you break the law, you’re gonna get Boone’d! 
After the threat of his reality TV show getting cancelled, Boone looks for a case that will be ratings gold. A friend that works at the DEA owes Boone a favor, and gives him a tip of a mysterious drug that can’t be traced. Boone and his crew think that capturing the perpetrator could save their show and they begin investigating. It’s only when they come toe-to-toe with a dangerous Mexican drug cartel do they realize they’re in over the heads and are trying to save their own lives instead. In an epic battle royale, Boone and his crew learn what sacrifice, honor and trust really mean.

Hennigan's on-screen charisma and experience notwithstanding, there's no question here that the crew pulls out a lot of stops to make him look as good as he does on screen. This, coupled by a small batch of surprising celebrity cameos contributing to the fervor here makes Boone: The Bounty Hunter look all the more fun to check out when it arrives.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Spencer Granmer and Osric Chau also star. Check out the trailer below!


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