Rising Tiger Films Debut Feature, BLACK SCAR BLUES, Is Now Available On Streaming And Digital HD

Black Scar Blues
The fondness hasn't waned, to be frank. I very much enjoyed Rising Tiger Film's debut milestone feature, Black Scar Blues, a crime noir with a dark twist, anti-hero tropes and semi-stylish action choreography that amplifies the tragic events that encompass the tale of a broken bond between two friends in the midst of the criminal underworld.

The film marks the first out of the barn for debut director Leroy Nguyen who stars alongside Edmond Shum and after years of making countless shortfilms online in the realms of action, martial arts, drama and comedy. That said, evolving Black Scar Blues into a viable feature film was no easy feat, a fact emphasized by both stars when I interviewed them. Thus, with the accolades they accrued in the film festival circuit because of this project among others, it's only right, as it is opportune, to see how it flourishes.

A young hard-fisted hoodlum returns to the town he escaped from in order to try to right the wrongs he’s committed. What ensues is a devastating spiral of violence and betrayal that will consume everyone that he has ever cared about, and those very few who have ever cared about him.
The roll-out for this film was pretty unceremonious but Indie Rights acquired the film at some point and is now hosting the film via streaming and Digital HD platforms. So far they're listed at Google Play and Amazon until further notice as DVD and/or Blu-Ray announcements are forthcoming, but I can guarantee that this film, a hard-earned six year effort, albeit small in scale, aims high and hard on where it needs to. It's one to appreicate.

Check out the trailer below and follow the fanpage on Facebook.


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