PLAN B: SCHEISS AUF PLAN A - Berlin Hails With Hong Kong Action In The First Official Trailer

Getting a martial arts action picture off the ground these days is not easy. What helps, of course, is the initiative, talent and the necessary support base to further substantiate the demand for such a film and thankfully, it's the kind of support that the folks over at German martial arts, stunt and film production group, Reel Deal Action, have been able to accumulate in the well over five-year period in which its members have been upscaling in the industry.

Thus, having proved their worth in the feature arena (Skyfall, Big Game, Hitman: Agent 47, xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage) and with an array of action-packed shortfilms available online - some of which have earned a fair amount of acclaim among netizens and within the festival circuit (Evil Twin, Behind Every Great Man, Bad Choice), actors Can Aydin, Cha-Lee Yoon and Phong Giang are finally front and center as they dare to bring a first on several fronts. They have since premiered their sprawling new Berlin-shot martial arts action comedy, Plan B: Scheiss Auf Plan A, at Sitges late last year wherein a festival trailer initially debuted. This week, however, an official trailer is FINALLY online to signal the oncoming calvary of promotional assets rolling out before its German release on June 8 from 20th Century Fox. 

Three martial arts experts embark upon a search for a treasure that will allow them to save a friend from the clutches of a scrupulous gangster. They will soon find themselves immersed in a complex conspiracy that’s aimed at putting an end to the boss of Berlin’s underworld. A bash ‘em up comedy that pays tribute to the eighties and nineties American action flicks.
Ufuk Genç and Michael Popescu make their feature film debut in the directors' seats for this one, and for a title that will undoubtedly land the capital of Berlin on the map for an enduring genre whose talent base knows no limits, and a talent pool that deserves its time in the spotlight. Genç also produces along with Oliver Thau, with a screenplay by Rafael Alberto Garciolo. 

Rounding out the cast are U-Gin Boateng along with Henry Meyer, Julia Dietze, Florian Kleine, Laurent Daniels and Gedeon Burkhardt, with K1 fighter Aristote Luis and Hollywood stuntwoman, martial artist and actress Heidi Moneymaker (Avengers, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, No Touching) also starring.

Watch the first trailer for Plan B: Scheiss Auf Plan A in the player below and check out the poster as well!

PLAN B - Official Stills, Shots, Posters


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