GHOST IN THE SHELL: Go Head To Head With Animatronics In A New BTS Featurette

I've actually taken a cautioned interest in director Rupert Sanders's Ghost In The Shell. Really all that's needed are for the reviews to come out but the protest over the film has quieted down some and I think it's largely attributed to the overwhelming approval of what we've seen so far in trailers and posters.

Granted, I'll never get used to a non-Japanese character being given a Japanese surname and this film certainly tows the edge a bit. Personally if acclaimed anime auteur and GiTS vet Oshii Mamoru had something to say about this then I wish he'd say it...but who are we to twist his arm at this point. The film is opening later in March and the campaign is already heavily underway whilst unveiling some nifty prop and costume design courtesy of a new BTS featurette.

The video in question spots just a handful of the geisha masks created specifically for the actors and for certain situated sequences in the film. Weta Workshop CEO and co-founder Sir Richard Taylor gives Mythbusters's own Andy Savage the tour around the office while detailing how the various masks are engineered in accordance with their design contributed in part by actress Fukushima Rila (The Wolverine).

Check it out below, and if you've at all missed the official trailer, that one is up and running as well just beneath.


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