EXCLUSIVE: LOI BAO Trio To Reteam For Next Action Project

It was earlier this week that the first official teaser trailer for Blood Letter helmer Victor Vu's new action movie, Loi Bao, released online, and much to the delight of action fans instinctive enough to catch on. Truy Sat co-star Cuong Seven makes his starring role here and for a teaser that has already begun catching on, bolstered by some of the big stuntwork highlight throughout while we await further details on the project.

In the meantime, with Loi Bao expected to wrap filming in less than a week, Film Combat Syndicate can exclusively report that Vu's next project, tentatively untitled, has already been confirmed. As it stands, any and all film details are being kept heavily under the table until further notice, otherwise while reteaming Vu with action director Vincent Wang (The Great Wall, Marvel's Doctor Strange) and action producer Jason Ninh Cao (Lua Phat, Iron Monk).

Stunt rehearsals for the mystery project commenced on Monday next week. Hopefully we'll learn more in due time while Loi Bao promises nothing short of something spectacular for its September release.

Check out some behind the scenes photos below and be sure to stick around for more updates after this.

(A previous version of this article stated different dates for stunt rehearsals and filming wrap)


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