New Live-Action GINTAMA Character Posters Reveal Two More

Two more character posters arrived on Sunday for director Fukuda Yuichi's live-action adventure adaptation, Gintama. The new posters now available in the album below host actress Nagasawa Masami in the role of Shimura Tae and Muro Tsuyoshi as Gengai Hiraga in the upcoming film dated for July 14, 2017.

Shimura Tae is the older sister to Shinpachi - played by actor Suda Masaki, and the caretaker of their late father's martial arts school which she supports through her work as a tough-as-nails cabaret hostess. Gengai is an inventor and engineer often responsible for aiding Shinpachi and the other two of his Odd Jobs Gin outlet on their more perilous quests, save for his knack for inadvertently sabotaging gadgets via his addiction to soy sauce.

The posters come a few days since the emergence of actor Okada Masaki's character visual as Kotaro Katsura, yesteryear wartime rebel cohort to Odd Jobs Gin founder Sakata Gintoki played by lead actor Oguri Shun. Suda and Shun are joined by actress Kashimoto Hanna who plays Yato clan alien outcast, Kagura completing our Odd Jobs headlining trio based on creator Sorachi Hideaki's popular Shonen Jump manga property of the same name with a story that will likely follow the Benizakura Arc.

Keep an eye out for more info and artwork as an official trailer inches closer!



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