Mark Cheng's GHOST SOURCE ZERO Gets U.S. Distribution At Archstone

Director Mark Cheng's new cyberpunk indie sci-fi, Ghost Source Zero took to his film's fanpage on Wednesday to announce the film's new home at Archstone Distribution. The news comes more than a year after the release of the first trailer following an extensive effort from Cheng to expand his creative endeavors following the success of his 2011 G.I. Joe fan film short, Operation: Red Retrieval.

From Planet Nerd Rage productions and produced by Christophed Delao, Ghost Source Zero stars Joe Barbagallo and Jean Goto in the story of an elite anti-cyber crimes unit as they chronicle their mission to stave off a brewing android revolution that could threaten mankind's existence. Also starring are actor Kage Yami, Natalie Jean, Graham Powell and Jae Greene who coordinated the action and stunt work. G.I. Joe creator and famed comic book auteur Larry Hama, who joined the project in 2014, wrote the script with Cheng.

Tim Finn executive produced the film with Barbagallo who negotiated the deal with Archstone.


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