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Monday, October 31, 2016

THE HIT LIST: October 31, 2016

As you're reading this, I'm just reflecting on how my year has been ahead of what I'm going to post in December. I haven't done much but I'm looking to add some more memories before long so, we'll see.

British Kung Fu Comedy, THE REAL TARGET, Brandishes A Masterful New Poster

Attendees this past weekend at MCM Comic-Con got a welcoming first hand look for K&K Productions's most recent shortfilm effort, Cable: Chronicles Of Hope. The project is but one of several examples you may lend a nod to when outlining just what makes such a company worthy of great prospects other than an ability to tell a story, and invole a solid grip on many areas of film pertaining to screenwriting, cinematography and fight choreography.

ESCAPE PLAN 2 Is A Go; Stallone, Producers Returning

It was last reported back in July that Lionsgate was up for advancing a sequel to the 2013 hit action film, Mikael Håfström's Escape Plan. That film was led in a two-hander between cinematic action movie legends Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger which grossed $137 million globally, and the update at the time also gave mention to the possibility of it being a Chinese co-production.

Runaways Fight For Survival In The International Trailer For Lee Seong-Tae's Feature Debut, DERAILED

Marking the directorial feature debut of Lee Seong-Tae, an international trailer is currently running for the new coming-of-age action noir, Derailed which premiered in earlier October at Busan. The film follows Lee's own string of shortfilm successes dating back to 2001 with Black Crow and Rough Words For Kind Words, as well as his multi-selected festival favorite The Ten-Minute Break in 2007.

Sunday, October 30, 2016


The biggest divide among comic fans is the age old "DC Vs Marvel" debate. This feud - I never quite understood it. If you like comics, then why does the publisher matter? Sports fans and comic geeks aren't so different as they fight over which “team” is better. I am going to break down this long lived feud from my perspective using something I know about, film!

Saturday, October 29, 2016


HBO Asia's viewership will be the fortunate ones to get a first-hand glimpse of what's to come this December with its original martial arts movie programming. For two nights in a row, the network and its Red subsidiary will premiere Master of the Drunken Fist: Beggar So and Master of the Shadowless Kick: Wong Kei-Ying on December 25 and 26, respectively, and two new promos aired last week that present something quite ambitious-looking between both.

Sony Pictures Picks Up Lou Ferrigno Actioner, INSTANT DEATH, For North American Release

Actor and venerable muscle man Lou Ferrigno doesn't need to turn green to smash the snot out of baddies. Thankfully his latest show of this in Skin Traffik helmer Ara Paiaya's latest, Instant Death, is now at the forefront of a forthcoming U.S. release in 2017 courtesy of Sony Pictures, according to The Action Elite.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Warner Bros. Japan Teases Irie Yu-Directed Remake Thriller, CONFESSION OF MURDER

Action Boys helmer Jung Byung-Gil rose to acclaim in 2012 with the South Korean feature film hit, Confession Of Murder, and rightfully so with Best New Director and Best Screenplay at Grand Bell and Baek Sang award shows, all earned with one of the most riveting murder mysteries ever put on film. Actors Jung Jae-Yung and Park Si-Hoo starred from a script written by Jung outing an epic battle of wits between a vengeful cop and a man who claims to be the serial killer he failed to catch years fifteen earlier.

Ariel Vroman Tapped To Helm RAMBO: NEW BLOOD Reboot Vehicle For Nu Image/Millenium Films

Action star and actor Sylvester Stallone made it pretty clear at the top of 2016 that he was cinematically done with anything and everything Rambo-related. That news came following a updates in December of last year that the action movie legend would have nothing to do with the forthcoming TV series at Fox.

Award-Winning Short Film Duo To Helm Female Actioner, HUMMINGBIRD For Fundemental Films

Fans familiar with the Electronic Arts game, Battlefield 1, may take a liking to what's happening over Fundemental Films. What gives? Well, a speculative script that gives life to a new female-centric action thriller reportedly in the vein of John Wick and Lucy.

Fantasy Comes To Life In The Latest Trailer For Matthias Hoene's THE WARRIOR'S GATE

Director Mathias Hoene's latest, The Warrior's Gate, has taken a while to land its releases but dates are finally set for November for multiple Asian territories, including China, Malaysia and Thailand. Further news remains pending but more trailers have been circling the web within the past month featuring Uriah Shelton in a story that sees him spirited away to a fantasy video game realm to rescue a princess and battle an evil warlord.

Help Crowdfund British Martial Arts Spy Comedy THE REAL TARGET, Now Aiming At Early 2017 Start Date

News back in February hinted at the production of a proof-of-concept for The Real Target, a British martial arts comedy about a kung fu couple whose missions unravel and unveil an even more nefarious plot by a hidden enemy. As it was then and still is, the core of the film's team are some of the best people covered by any film or fansite and mainly if you're familiar with the online work of directing duo George and Harry Kirby of K&K Productions.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

SHERLOCK HOLMES 3 Tasks A Writers' Room To Pen The Script

It's been five years since Warner Bros. saw the release of director Guy Ritche's Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game Of Shadows following the intial 2008 film. Actors Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law turned out two distinct and amazing performances as did actress Rachel McAdams, and actors Mark Strong and Jared Harris as the respective main antagonists of the first two films, and while the second didn't fare at the box office as well as the first, the prospects of a third remained lingering ever since.

Ti West's Western Thriller, IN A VALLEY OF VIOLENCE Rages Home This December

The trailer for Ti West's latest Western pic, In A Valley Of Violence isn't really something that falls in my purview, but I can certainly appreciate good westerns where they are. This one stars John Travolta in a role that looks much more fitting than whatever that was with the bad hair in I Am Wrath, along with Ethan Hawke and you can sample a bit of it just beneath Thursday's announcement of its DVD, Digital HD and Blu-Ray releases in December.

Lionsgate To Release JACKIE CHAN PRESENTS: AMNESIA In The U.S. This January

Producer and debut director Xong Zi-Yin's 2015 effort, the Jackie Chan-produced Who Am I? 2015, now hails its remake roots at Lionsgate. Jackie Chan Presents: Amnesia is the new title for its U.S. DVD/VoD release set for January 3, 2017...and no less with a title so typically generic that it might as well have been Jackie Chan Presents: Forgetting...or Memory Loss.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Brenton Thwaites Action Horror Starrer, OFFICE UPRISING, Taps Stunt Pro Lin Oeding To Helm

Alex Proyas's Gods Of Egypt didn't exactly bode well for actor Brenton Thwaites, but he still has prospects as we speak. February saw the news of his addition to the cast of the new zombie actioner, Office Uprising, for which Extraction helmer Steven C. Miller was tapped to direct.

SAIGON BODYGUARDS Breakout The Song And Dance In The Kick-Ass Trailer For Ochiai Ken's Vietnamese Action Comedy

It's a surprising turn for almost anyone just tuning in, including myself. Either way, for whatever reason there may be for Ninja The Monster helmer Ochiai Ken's fascination with Vietnam's film talent, it now brings us just a few months from his newest action comedy, Saigon Bodyguards, the story of two bumbling bodyguards and the chaos that ensues on their most important assignment yet.

Cheung's Zombie Actioner REDCON-1 Wraps In Time For AFM 2016

Director Chee Keong Cheung is finally poised to have his latest action horror epic presented at the American Film Market starting next werk. His most recent venture, Redcon-1, is finally in post production as per a recent press release over at Horror-Movies.ca which confirms the film's wrap and post production following a ten week shoot with up to fifteen hundred extras and locations all over the U.S..

After 'Olympus' And 'London', Gerard Butler To Return In ANGEL HAS FALLEN For Millenium Films

He defended the White House as North Korean terrorists descended on the capital, and he protected the President with London under siege. Now, actor Gerard Butler is gearing up for a third outing as secret service agent Mike Banning in the new film, Angel Has Fallen which will take the floor at the American Film Market next week.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Paramount Acquires HAWKE Rights, Attaches Kurt Wimmer To Pen Script

Deadline is reporting that Paramount Pictures is now out to propel another literary property onto the big screen. For this, we turn to best-selling author Ted Bell's Alex Hawke book series, telling of its title character - a young man who, driven by the death of his parents, foregoes his inherited wealth to advance himself as a British MI6 skilled in naval combat and foiling terrorist plots from varying international foes.

Sony's Live-Action UNCHARTED Adaptation Lands Shawn Levy To Direct

It was back in July that news broke of A-Team and Stretch helmer Joe Carnahan would provide the script for Sony's pending live-action adaptation of the Naughty Dog adventure game, Uncharted. At the time it hadn't been known if Carnahan would helm the pic as it's been 8 years since Sony began developing with the film passing between numerous writers and producers.

Five More Add To Marvel's PUNISHER Series Cast

Director Neill Blomkamp's BMW Films release, The Escape, arrived over the weekend in case you missed it. Otherwise and apart from its co-star's recent return to the big screen in The Accountant, actor Jon Bernthal is still on deck to take charge of the Netflix viewership upon the forthcoming series of The Punisher.

Justin Lin Joins Machinima, NBCU For KNIGHT RIDER Digital Series Reboot

I've always felt that the 80's TV series, Knight Rider, was meant for something larger and unfortunately it never saw through to its big screen potential. It did have its moments of glory on the small screen dating back to 1982 and in other variant shows that followed in the 90s and there were still utterances of a possible film in 2013 by way of feature film rights holders at the Weinstein Company with Brian Copeland writing a script.

Vengeance Is A Trial By Fire In The Official Trailer For KAABIL

I've only seen but a small handful of Bollywood movies in the past few years - my most recent one being Sultan, which I had pure fun with this past summer at the cinema. However, ask me what my favorite film is, and I'll firstly tell you it is the 2014 Knight And Day remake, Bang! Bang! with one of India's biggest stars, actor Hrithik Roshan starring.

Check Out The Second Official Teaser For Jackie Chan's RAILROAD TIGERS

If you're looking for a little bit of big screen action this Holiday season, then you're not too far off. A second official teaser finally arrived since the promotional campaign for the new Jackie Chan period adventure, Railroad Tigers, kicked off a few months ago, and the film will surely be releasing simultaneously this December along with China.

Well Go USA's CALL OF HEROES Lands Its Official U.S. Trailer

It's high time Benny Chan's period action adventure, Call Of Heroes, got a release date here in the states, and its numerous upward reviews since releasing this kate make it all the more rewarding. ScreenAnarchy debuted the U.S. trailer on Monday for the film's VoD and DVD/Blu-Ray releases on November 8 and December 6, respectively, as well as the box art which you can also view just beneath.

Monday, October 24, 2016

THE HIT LIST - October 24, 2016

This week's Hit List was another down-the-wire bit with a few late entries. On another note I'm currently saving my evening energy for a thing I'm doing in the next few weeks and with any luck I'll even get to write about it, so keep an eye on my Facebook page for more content.

Review: TRUY SAT (2016) Fires On All Cylinders With Slickness And Style

It was back in late 2014 that I didn't catch on to then-debut helmer Cuong Ngo's crime pic, Huong Ga. The trailer itself was great and with justice done even more so if the nominations it received the following year from shows at Golden Apricot and Vietnamese Golden Kite are anything to go by. Ergo, it's understandable that nods like would earn someone like Ngo a little more attention as he continues his craft in the action genre, thus bringing us in with his latest thriller, Truy Sat which released in Vietnam earlier this year from TNA Films and CJ Entertainment.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

DEADPOOL 2 Loses Its Director. WTF?

Casting news is currently pending over who will take the role of psionic markswoman Domino in the upcoming sequel to this year's smash hit, Deadpool. Actor Ryan Reynolds is poised to reprise the title role that waited years for its first feature-length R-rated rendition, telling of a dying mercenary whose forced mutation at the hands of a sinister doctor who kidnaps his girlfriend, sends him on a mission to vengeance.

Donnie Yen Actioner, THE MASTER, Cancelled, Leaving U.K. Artists Scammed

It's one thing when a film gets cancelled long before cameras are set to roll. It's another thing to not ever know of its cancellation only for it to be used as a scam, and that's the focus of The Hollywood Reporter's latest piece, The 'Rogue One' Star, the Fake Film and the $1,200 Scam which covers what would have likely been another terrific turn in the genre for action star, actor Donnie Yen.

Friday, October 21, 2016

GODZILLA 2 Is In Talks For A New Director

Bearing my soul here some, so here goes: Gareth Edward's 2014 rendition of Toho property, Godzilla, kinda sucked. It may be because of the fact that I caught a late showing of it at the movies and fell asleep in the finale which is why I continually feel unresolved by it or it could be because to date, even watching it on television or on VoD, that I still end up falling asleep by the third act. Or maybe I'm just cranky and need more sleep. I don't know.. Eventually I did catch the last part in the on/off bits-and-pieces viewing of it but it's still a little frustrating and I'm probably alone on this. A friend of mine named Darren saw it and loved it and frankly I'm a little jealous. Ha!

Lucasfilm Casts Donald Glover As Lando Calrissian For The Han Solo Spin-Off

The Star Wars saga continues this December spinning off with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, before seuging into the eighth official canon installment one year thereafter. In the meantime, Lucasfilm's other spin-off prospects are advancing through an earlier telling of actor Harrison Ford's portrayal of intergalactic smuggler Han Solo.

Watch Tom Hopper Snap Necks And Bust Heads Open In The Trailer For KILL RATIO

XLrator Media is releasing He Who Dares helmer Paul Tanter's latest, Kill Ratio, in theaters on December 9, and on VOD and iTUNES December 13.

Check Out A Raft Of Promotional Gems For Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE

Without question, Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange will be priority for anyone following the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I'll be certain to catch it myself having had the rarest of rare opportunities to meet TWO Marvel movie co-stars earlier this year - I couldn't name it at publicly the time, but the jig is pretty much up and if you can't recognize Zara Phythian and Katrina Durden in any of the trailers and clips now swirling online, I'd say an opthalmologist is in order.

Raman Hui's MONSTER HUNT 2 Now Filming

On its face, Raman Hui's 18th century short story adaptation, Monster Hunt, may seem like a kids' movie not worth all the hype. That said, if that's the basis for your abstinence from seeing it either this year or last year, you couldn't be more wrong and its status as China's highest grossing film of all time notwithstanding, the film tells one of the most heartfelt, exciting and compelling stories you'll ever see on screen and with fun action sequences to boot as well from a script by Hui and co-scribe Alan Yuen.

Jia Zhangke Sets Sail For India With His Own JOURNEY TO THE WEST Movie

Acclaimed filmmaker Jia Zhangke has business in India this week where the Mumbai Film Festival is underway from now through the 27th. Amid the festivities in the last 24 hours or so brought news of his latest move to adapt an India-set storification of the classic Journey To The West novel.

Well Go USA To Release LEGEND OF BRUCE LEE: VOL.1 On DVD This November

I remember first seeing the trailer to the CCTV-1 broadcast of the Shannon Lee produced series, The Legend Of Bruce Lee a bit less than a decade ago. Having already been a fan of director Rob Cohen's Hollywood treatment, I wasn't too impressed and I guess because it felt a bit like excess for there to be another pseudo-fictional telling of the life and legend of the Jeet Kune Do founder and martial arts film star.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hey Los Angeles! Go See PLANET OF THE SHARKS For Free At The Green Me Film Fest This Saturday Night!

Now available on DVD and VoD is director Sand Sharks and Road Wars helmer Mark Atkins's latest offering from The Asylum, Planet Of The Sharks. The film premiered on Syfy during Sharknado week and became a top-rated original. Personally I don't do shark movies but having seen my fair share, I respect the fan fervor quite a bit.

A.I. Domination Looms In The U.S. Trailer For Steven Gomez-Directed Sci-Fi, KILL COMMAND

Need a little lo-fi sci-fi to engage in and have fun with this Thanksgiving season? Emmy award-winning VFX craftsman Steven Gomez has that covered with his newest venture into writing and directing with the new sci-fi thriller, Kill Command.

The First Official LOGAN Trailer Hails A Timeless Ballad Of Gallantry

I'm willing to bet there's already a consensus with Marvel fans on how much many will miss actor Hugh Jackman. There's no question that his is a portrayal of iconic comic book superhero, Logan Howlett (a.k.a. Wolverine) is one for the history books with a performance as palpable and gripping as one could ask for in an actor, and with a character who notably shares a backstory bigger than most of his fellow X-Men.

Crime Thriller STINGRAY Lines Up Jon Bernthal To Star, Shooting In Spring 2017

Marvel's Punisher is already underway for Netflix but actor Jon Bernthal still has plenty of work ahead of him as one of the best actors to put in front of a camera these days. The co-star of actor Ben Affleck's latest, The Accountant, is now poised to star in Anthony Hayes's new crime thriller, Stingray with production set for April in Canada next year.

Joe Johnston To Direct Big Budget Space Actioner, STARFALL In China

Captain America: The First Avenger Joe Johnston is the latest to begin benefitting from this week's newly-announced setup at Qingdao Movie Metropolis complex in China. According to Deadline, his next film will be an action thriller titled Starfall from a script by David Coggeshall.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ted Geohegan's MOHAWK Is On The Hunt In A New Official Still

Following up with his SXSW 2015 favorite, We Are Still Here, director Ted Geohegan's latest thriller, Mohawk, is well underway in post production from Dark Sky Films and Snowfort Pictures. Filming wrapped about a month or so ago following its summer production in upstate New York and several pics have gone viral since then, and the latest, featuring actor Justin Rain, went online on Wednesday which you can view below.

Get Ready For The LOGAN Trailer With A New Tease!

Director James Mangold's latest, Logan, is looking more and more fierce every passing day in the last few weeks. Teaser images have been rolling out on social media host to a cast that so far reveal little about the plot while otherwise hinting at villains such as Mister Sinister and the Essex Corp, as well as The Reavers.

RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER Lands An International Teaser Trailer!

Every now and then I'm a little bit delightfully surprised that this will be the titular final installment of the longstanding Resident Evil film franchise. I've still only seen the several of them - I can't even remember which ones since they all look the damn same, all I know is that this franchise is full of monsters, big guys with big guns, bigger stunts, and scantily clad and badass female characters all led Milla Jovovich who, in my own view, might as well lead another action film franchise. Just no more Resident Evil movies. Pretty please.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL 2 Welcomes You Back In Drax's Open Arms In The Official English Teaser

Earlier updates can be seen here for James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2, while the official English teaser trailer finally aired minuted within the arrival of the international version.

[UPDATED] The First Official Teaser Poster For GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL. 2 Is Just Too Damn Cool

Follow comic book movie lore long and hard enough and you're probably already aware of the potential prospects for director James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2 which opens next May. Expected appearances by actors Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone aside, the cast is also expected to appear in the forthcoming Avengers: Infinity War and so forth, among other things, as per the 2014 film that saw our title characters take on an intergalactic supervillain with a purple Infinity Stone as their McGuffin.

Watch The Full Trailer For Asun Mawardi's Hitman Actioner, #66

Filmmaker and actor Asun Mawardi is well on the way with his newest hitman action thriller, #66. My review can be read here while you might be keen on the latest full trailer for the film which you can now view below.

Fukuda's Live-Action GINTAMA Confirms Casting, Possible Plot Details

Oguri Shun and Fukuda Yuchi on the set of GINTAMA (Twitter)
News of the live-action adaptation of Sorachi Hideaki's popular Weekly Shonen Jump manga, Gintama, came as a delightful surprise to me a few months ago. Filming had already went underway and a few miscellaneous set photos started emerging online showing signs of progress following its production wrap back in September.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Keoni Waxman's CONTRACT TO KILL Lands A Trailer For Its December Release

We await further news on actor and action star Steven Seagal's earlier-intended goals of attaining a more solidified trajectory through last year's reported production of Attrition. In the meantime, the actor has at least one thing going for his career, and its with director Keoni Waxman amid the handful of direct-to-DVD titles they've paired on in the last several years.

Review: Asun Mawardi's Hitman Thriller, #66, Hits Hard And Jagged, Maintains A Bloody Bodycount

Following Asian cinema, one thing you will realize with certain titles is that they never see the light of day beyond their own respective nations' and territories. Places like Indonesia and Malaysia are a good example of this misfortune where some otherwise appealing films get stuck despite presenting viral and pretty appealing trailers, many of which I know action fans would enjoy to some extent or another if given the chance.

The Party Is Just Getting Started In The New ASSASSIN'S CREED Trailer!

I don't have much of an opinion on director Justin Kurzel's latest live-action video game film treatment, Assassin's Creed. Really, I'm just looking forward to the film, although I am fascinated by the prospect of deciphering between what shots are practical and CG-generated with a blue screen, as quite a few of these stunts were captured on set video in earlier BTS clips.

Monday, October 17, 2016

THE HIT LIST: October 17, 2016

Well, it was a weekend of work, anime and sleep. Thankfully the second now comes with good word of a few notable titles now available at Crunchyroll that I can finally finish where Netflix left off since they often store incomplete shows...

Sony Brings Alex Graves On Board To Direct Its Own Live-Action MULAN Movie

I caught cow eyes while reading the latest article at Variety telling of another feature film rendition of the classic fabled character, Mulan. Disney is already working on its own version and recently became the center of criticism over a leaked version of its script which read with a white lead. Backlash from the masses eventually grew via the power of the press to the studio and so it goes, Asians are sure as set to lead THAT film.