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Friday, September 30, 2016

Donnie Yen Confirms IP MAN 4, Wilson Yip To Direct

Martial arts star Donnie Yen is currently taking a different turn with his latest role in Jason Kwan's Chasing The Dragon, a remake of Poon Man-Kit's To Be Number One in which Yen recently confirmed his as a non-action role. This will be a particular career milestone for fans of the action star who know him prolifically for lighting up the screen in many a martial arts film, and here and now alongside Andy Lau in a role said to have inspired one of his own earlier pseudo-biopictoral films.

Mel Gibson Spies A Role In The New Action Adventure, EVERY OTHER WEEKEND

Goal Of The Dead and Antigang (a.k.a. The Sweeney: Paris) helmer Benjamin Rocher is looking toward a late 2016 start date for the new action adventure,  Every Other Weekend. For this, we have the latest report from THR confirming actor Mel Gibson in talks to join the upcoming action adventure from SND Films.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

NYCC 2016: Bat In The Sun Tease New NINJAK Digital Series Ahead Of Comic-Con

Leave it to the folks over at Bat In The Sun, best known for bring epic comic book and cult superhero/villain icons to life via Superpower Beatdown, to embolden the comic book fans even more. Their latest effort, Ninjak, comes on the heels of recent news over the last few years from its mothership at Valiant Comics as they began making headway with a forthcoming cinematic universe with Sony Pictures for films leading off with Harbinger.

Jeeja Yanin Will Rip Your Heart Out In The New Season 2 Trailer For HBO Asia Series, HALFWORLDS

Director Joko Anwar's treatment of the HBO Asia fantasy horror series, Halfworlds, proved itself immensely enough for a second season. For this, you can certainly expect plenty more action and suspense as well, this time from Skin Trade helmer Ekachai Uekrongtham. And not for nothing either with the newest trailer now making the rounds following the teaser just a few weeks ago.

Tom Cruise Stands Tall In A New JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK Poster For Its IMAX Release

October 21 marks the theatrical release of Paramount Pictures's Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. It's a film that really, probably almost didn't happen considering the 2012 film from Christopher McQuarrie only fared but so much at the box office, but this looks like a fantastic effort from director Edward Zwick with actor Tom Cruise back in the saddle, and as always, front and center in some spanking new artwork like the IMAX poster just beneath!


Having not been a huge fan of the Paul Blart movies, I wasn't really sold on actor Kevin James carrying an action movie, even though I did admire him in Here Comes The Boom in which he does put on a workable show of MMA screen caliber. Nonetheless, I guess sometimes what you need is the right director with the right script and a great team, and it seems that Kick Ass 2 helmer Jeff Wadlow's latest, True Memoirs Of An International Assassin, seems just the right fit.

The New U.S. Trailer For ASURA: THE CITY OF MADNESS Will Test Your Limits!

The reviews following the TIFF premiere of Kim Sung-Soo's latest noir crime thriller, Asura: The City Of Madness, have all but proven favorable thusfar. It's a good note to start with and especially for the good folks over at CJ Entertainment USA who are proudly releasing the new film in select U.S. theaters beginning on October 14.

Scorsese's TAXI DRIVER Gets A One-Week 4K Theatrical Run In Toronto Beginning October 7

Director Martin Scorsese is well on the way to finally see his latest period epic, Silence, hit select theaters starting December 23 before opening wider in January. In the meantime, folks in Toronto will get an opportunity early next month to re-live the acclaimed filmmaker's 1976 brooding crime drama classic, Taxi Driver.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

HOT WHEELS Officially Lands Justin Lin In The Driver's Seat To Direct For Legendary And Universal

It's been nearly 50 years since Mattel's popular die-cast toy line property, Hot Wheels launched and became the epicenter of car models for many a collector and manfacturer. In turn, it's been thirteen years since a film adaptation had been in the works at Colombia Pictures and then Warner Bros before gaining progress at Legendary Pictures five years ago.

NINJA BUSTERS Take Over San Francisco's Great Star Theater On October 29!

You don't suppose it's everyday that a film's original print gets resurrected after being lost for decades. That sort of makes it a miracle for director Paul Kyriazi who has been on a roll as of late last year with a Blu-Ray release and special screenings of the film, Ninja Busters which has proven to be a winning classic.

Miike Steps Into Live-Action JOJO'S BIZZARE ADVENTURE For A Summer 2017 Release

With an adaptation of Samura Hiroaki's Blade Of The Immortal still looming, acclaimed filmmaker Miike Takashi is now off to another endeavor with news of the forthcoming live-action foray, Jojo's Bizzare Adventure. Warner Bros. and Toho are reportedly aiming to produce the film for a release next Summer, based on Araki Hirohiko's eight-part manga with emphasis on the fourth installation, "Diamond Is Unbreakable".

Review: John Soares's THE DANGER ELEMENT (2016) Plays It Safe With Tons Of Action And Ingenuity

The past couple of weeks or so, for me, have been ravaged by work on top of updating the site, though I found myself stumbling upon a peculiar looking trailer at the time. It was untitled and it drew my curiousity enough to press the play button, and before I knew it, I was sampling a montage of action, science fiction and fantasy and martial arts, and above all else, actor Doug Jones in pure sinister fashion in what I later identified as the new film, The Danger Element, formerly a webseries and now an upcoming feature film from star and director John Soares.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Amy Johnston Is Hungry For The Fight In A New Still From FEMALE FIGHT CLUB

We don't have much to go on for short film director Miguel A. Ferrer's feature debut, tentatively titled Female Fight Club which wrapped filming sometime late last year. What we do know, however, is that it will be one of several titles to feature Amy Johnson, a Hollywood stuntwoman among many who have arisen in the ranks to make way into a full-fledged acting career, and deservedly so with quite a few noteworthy performances in various shortfilm and proof of concept projects already under her belt.

The Hunt Is On In The New Trailer For Jonas Cuarón's DESIERTO

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan isn't playing around this season as he's hellbent on terrorizing a harmless group of Mexicans desperately seeking better life. Actor Gael Garcia Bernal spearheads the brunt of that chase in Desierto, a film rightfully earned in its place as a festival favorite among critics and moviegoers alike.

[UPDATED] OPERATION MEKONG Commences This Friday In North America And Canada

Well Go USA is putting the word out this week for its simultaneous release of director Dante Lam's latest, Operation Mekong. An official U.S. trailer is not yet online but we'll post it at the very bottom of this page should it go live before the film's September 30 release this Friday.

JEAN-CLAUDE VAN JOHNSON To Report For Duty In Full Next Year For Amazon

While we await further updates on Jean-Claude Van Damme's schedule to Kill 'Em All, Amazon Studios officially put out a press release announcing the pick up of three pilots for series advancement in 2017. The announcement accordingly pertains to Jean-Claude Van Johnson, the new action comedy launchpad from industry stuntman and helmer Peter Antico which has bestowed acclaim as one of the best rated most viewed pilots within the past month next to that of Jill Solomon's I Love Dick and Wally Pfister's The Tick.

EXCLUSIVE - Tony Jaa, Wilson Yip And Sammo Hung To Seize Their FATE Starting In October

International action star, actor Tony Jaa drew huge attention when we broke the news of director Gary Mak's ensemble Asian 'Expendables' style thriller, Makeshift Squad. The good news is that the film is still bound for production and so you need not worry there, while, and on even better terms, readers would be wise to keep an even closer eye on Jaa starting this week.

Monday, September 26, 2016

THE HIT LIST - September 26, 2016

Well, as much as I wanted my weekend to be an eventful one, I can't say it was or I'd have more to discuss this week and share with you all. Hopefully the rest of the year will pan out much better, but it is still bustling in the world of stunts, action and independent content, and if you don't believe me, well...

Sony Moves Up HARBINGER To Kick-Off Its Valiant Comics-Based Cinematic Universe

It was last Spring that people learned a little more about Valiant Comics as it notched up its credentials with a publishing deal through DMG Entertainment for several of Valiant's properties. That news later followed through with an announcement shortly thereafter regarding Sony Pictures's stake in establishing a cinematic universe leading up to a Harbinger Wars adaptation, inspired by Valiant's 2013 crossover event publication.

Never Bring A Gun To A Cage Fight In The New LUKE CAGE Trailer

Apart from other plans currently being set in motion, I know how I will be spending my weekend following September 30. Enter actor Mike Colter as Marvel's newest hero on Netflix, Luke Cage, post Jessica Jones with the goal of a new pacifist life in Harlem until once more disturbed by the rising crime wave courtesy of Cottonmouth, played by actor Mahershala Ali.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: An Interview With Steven Yu

You might recognize the video above if you follow independent martial arts movies. Videos like these are a culmination of years of fandom and the hard work it takes to keep that fandom alive, and there's no question that actor, martial artist and stunt fighter Steven Yu has contributed his fair share, and with any luck, still is.

As it is, Yu is one of the dozens and dozens of people I've been following in the world of online independent film since 2004 when I first started watching Bilang.com tricking videos and Zero Gravity practice fights for my own evening enjoyment. (Sometimes my Quicktime player [I owned a PC, not a Mac] would crash, whereas my Windows Media Player would save the day. Fun times).

Jump over to 2005 and short films like Stephen Reedy's award-winning kung fu ninja comedy, Undercut would propel me into the workload of the San Francisco-based stunt and martial arts film team, The Stunt People, who would then go on to win further cult acclaim with their 2006 indie feature, Eric Jacobus's Contour, and if you haven't found yourself a copy of that movie yet, REDEEM YOURSELVES and buy it here, or get it here, or even here, OR here or even buy it here.

Anyway, back on topic... Yu had a small role in the film, but still marks a notch for his own career preceding his latest comedic role in Dennis Ruel's recently-released feature-length debut, Unlucky Stars, which instantly services fans as one of the best action films to date, and has possibly one of the best cameo appearances to an independent film of this caliber, much deserved at that, and in which Yu also appears. Yu talks briefly about this, and a whole lot more in an interview that I honestly didn't see coming, and I as you're reading this, I laughed as I typed it.

It's funny. Some of these performers taper off and disappear while others manage to stick around somehow, even if they aren't fully active on set nowadays. That said, Yu's craft in art and painting are also what peaked my interest as I grew up doing pencil drawings most of my young life, and it left me curious to see if Yu's direction here would go somewhere. As it turns out, that does appear to be the goal with a crowdfunder now running for his newest sci-fi action neo-noir fantasy graphic novel, Neo Eras which presents an amazing story so far and some intriguing artwork you will be able to view in this interview.

Personally, I hope Neo Eras becomes a thing after today. Only you guys can help make it happen, and Yu deserves every bit of support he can get. I say this as a fan of martial arts movies, and as someone who knows what it is like to be an artist climbing uphill against the tumbling boulders of life.

Enjoy the interview!

Film Combat Syndicate: Greetings Steven and thanks for getting back to me! How has the year been for you so far as we approach the Fall season?
Steven Yu: The year has been pretty good. Just moved to LA from the Bay Area and trying to adjust to the heat!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Jesse Johnson's SAVAGE DOG Inks A New Poster

Actor Scott Adkins is already reaping acclaim among Fantastic Fest attendees in the hours since catching wind of the premiere of Todor Chapkanov's Boyka: Undisputed. Partly it's a matter of great timing as well with director Jesse Johnson in the wake of updating his own website with a fresh new poster headling his newly completed film, Savage Dog.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Tell Machinima To Release STREET FIGHTER: RESURRECTION To The World!

Well, I really don't know what to think or say at this point with Machinima still stalling on granting director Joey Ansah's hit miniseries, Street Fighter: Resurrection. The four-part endeavor premiered back in March and solely to North American audience as per the availability of mobile users downloading the go90 app and was a jewel of a showcase for fans still clamoring for more after Ansah shut 2014 down with the hit feature film/online series installation, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist.

Len Kabasinski's ANGEL OF RECKONING Unleashes Hell In The Trailer For Its VOD Release

Actress Jessica Kabasinski is bringing some grindhouse style fierceness in her latest flick, Angel Of Reckoning. This one came as a surprise as I was browsing online and found a piece posted over at ScreenAnarchy and given that it's an action flick, of course it peaked my curiosity and for what it's worth, the trailer itself sells.

Catch The Trailer For Joey Curtis's Award-Winning Action Sci-Fi, 2307: WINTER'S DREAM

Pining for a little indie sci-fi to go with your movie fandom? You might find yourself keen on acclaimed shortfilm director Joey Curtis in the wake of his new independent sci-fi action feature debut, 2307: Winter's Dream which is rolling out heavy in festivals and just earned a Best Director nod in L.A..

BATTLE ANGEL: ALITA Casts Ed Skrein As Its Villain

October is the current goal for the Austin, Texas bound production of director Robert Rodriguez's latest contribution to live-action anime/manga film lore, Battle Angel: Alita. For this, word now from THR brings actor Ed Skrein into the mix as the villain opposite actress Rose Salazar cast in the title role as of May.

Marko Zaror Goes Ex-Navy SEAL For Daniel Zirilli's Latest Film Shooting In November

It was a little under three weeks ago that Time Rush and Asian Connection helmer Daniel Zirilli shared the above picture annoucing a new project in development for a Bangkok-bound shoot. Details are still pending but reports over at Screen Anarchy have otherwise confirmed an official start date and story info with action star Marko Zaror back in his first solo vehicle since El Redentor in 2014.


Fox Kids
If there were ever any doubt that "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" series regular, Alpha 5, wouldn't be included in the new upcoming reboot film from Lionsgate, Saban’s Power Rangers, doubt no further. The studio announced actor and voice performer Bill Hader (Finding Dory) for the role this week following a cast and crew panel announcement scheduled for next month at New York Comic Con, upon which new posters were also unveiled.

Fuqua Will Return To Direct THE EQUALIZER 2 Starting Next September

This weekend begins the theatrical run of Antoine Fuqua's latest endeavor, The Magnificent Seven, reinterpreting John Sturges's own 1960 remake classic inspired by Kurosawa Akira's earlier epic, Seven Samurai. The film has been on the campaign trail following a string of trailers and promos leading up to its premiere at TIFF earlier this month, and with select cast and crew on deck for the publicity tour as of late, fans and onlookers are getting a little more first-hand insight on the film, which headlines an ensemble cast led by actor Denzel Washington.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Xu Reverts Back To His Source Material As Production Commences On Martial Arts Epic, THE HIDDEN BLADE

Following the work of acclaimed author and filmmaker Xu Haofeng pretty much grants you an audience to a body of work often observed as a harkening back to a bygone era of kung fu cinema. His recent acclaim with the Chinese supersharp martial arts drama, The Master (a.k.a. The Final Master) is proof of that, following titles like The Sword Identity and this year's long awaited release, Arrow Arbitration (titled Judge Archer in the U.S. and elsewhere).

Review: Ozawa Brings Notoriety To Lopez's Substance In NILALANG (2015)

In covering a lot of action movies or film in general, you don't always hear of instances of porn actors and making transitions to more serious careers in acting. When you do, though, it does present an interesting sense of appeal, and for me, considering some of the surprises I've seen in the action genre, I'm certainly no one pigeonhole anybody into a category, and I think many would concur with me.

Dolph Lundrgen Is On The Hunt For Demons In The First Trailer For DON'T KILL IT

Fantastic Fest is officially underway in Austin, Texas from now through next week and attendees will have plenty of reasons to be entertained. No less including director Mike Mendez's new movie, Don't Kill It, the first trailer premiered exclusively at Entertainment Weekly back in May, and with none other than action star Dolph Lundgren in the role of a demon hunter in a rural Alaskan pitted against a body-hopping evil spirit using its hosts to committ violent acts of murder.

Rupert Sanders's GHOST IN THE SHELL Movie Teases Kusanagi, Self-Discovery And Aramaki At Point Blank Range

Alas, the first footage has finally arrived to promote the Paramount/Dreamworks release of the new sci-fi cyberpunk fantasy, Ghost In The Shell which opens in theaters on March 2017. And so with it, if you've been tuning in, returns the elephant in the room - the unnerving contention surrounding the casting with respect to its roots as a Japanese anime, and the ensuing topic of whitewashing Asian characters as per the usual practice of Hollywood.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Zords Have Landed In The New #GoGo Comic-Con Posters For SABAN'S POWER RANGERS!

Next year be close to 20 years since the Americanized crossover tokusatsu series, Power Rangers, landed a Hollywood big screen feature. Earth To Echo helmer Dean Israelite now sits in to spearhead the latest induction, Saban's Power Rangers, rebooting for a March 24, 2017 release and a hopeful franchise of its own, and as such, will be another notch in the fandom to keep aware of ahead of New York City Comic-Con in October.

Keanu Reeves Is Tailored To Kick Ass In The First Teaser Poster For JOHN WICK: CHAPTER TWO

February is turning into an exciting month for action film fans next year. The Mo' Bros's latest, Headshot is being released in the U.S. by then, as is Lionsgate's upcoming John Wick: Chapter Two which has a date stamped for February 10, 2017.

Tencent, Goyer To Develop Slate Of China-Based Film And TV Projects

With the continued ever-bustling business of movies these days, you'll hear a lot more talk of Hollywood and China sharing the same space. It's a relationship that teeters from time to time, albeit beneficial to the parties involved, including Tencent Pictures and screenwriter David S. Goyer (Nolan's Batman Trilogy, Man Of Steel, Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice) who will now be working together on a spate of original projects for China.

STAR TREK: BEYOND Lands U.S. Release On DVD, Blu-Ray/4K Ultra HD And Digital HD On October 4 And November 1

With a fourth Star Trek possibly in the works, director Justin Lin's Star Trek: Beyond is now on par for a digital U.S. release on October 4, followed by a glossy 4K Ultra HD and Blu-Ray combo release on November 1. Sure, not everyone feels the same way about this particular franchise in the wake of the 50th anniversary celebration of sci-fi founding father Gene Roddenberry's original series, but it still packs an edginess that makes the films fun to enjoy nonetheless, and certainly with a heartfelt send off for two of its late actors in the last few years.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

SPEAK OUT: Which Femme Fatales Would You Like To See Starring Opposite Alain Moussi In KICKBOXER: SYNDICATE?

John Stockwell's Kickboxer: Vengeance is now available wherever movies are sold in the U.S. and Canada with other screenings pending. It's a film that otherwise garners caution for fans as a rebooted fanfare that nonetheless has actor and martial artist Alain Moussi leading the action vehicle next to the star of its original iteration, actor Jean-Claude Van Damme.

HEADSHOT Sells To Multiple Territories Worldwide

If there was ever a screening I wish I could have attended, it's the Mo' Bros's Midnight Madness premiere at TIFF a few weekends ago of the new movie, Headshot. Thankfully our own Alex Chung managed a trip to review it for us and you can click here in case you missed it and are curious about what the film has to offer.

Clive Owen Will Return To Make BMWs Look Good In The New Shortfilm, THE ESCAPE

It was back in college that I became keen on what BMWFilms was achieving with its spate of shortfilms at the time in 2002. There were eight films dubbed The Hire, and with my most favorite being John Woo's "Hostage" as much as I am a fan of The Woo.

Catch The Trailer For Indie Steampunk Action Adventure, THE DANGER ELEMENT

Many moons ago in 2014, I shared a practice fight performed by the likes of action actors Dylan Hintz and independent banner Westhavenbrook's own John Soares, the latter whose work I haven't been at all familiar with until this week when I spotted a peculiar looking untitled trailer on YouTube. That trailer, however and for all intents and purposes, now signals the upcoming VHX release of Soares's latest long-term labor, The Danger Element.

Every Moment Counts In The First Trailer For PASSENGERS

Michael Sheen has a f*cking robot uni-leg!...

WellGo USA Nabs GOD OF WAR For English-Speaking Territories

Asian action star Vincent Zhou's career is one that's been on the low signal end of things for a few years now. Thankfully he's one that's popped up from time to time with recent titles like True Legend, Wu Dang, The Boundary and The White-Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom, as I've been a fan of his work since having spied a few of his earlier hits like Fong Sai Yuk 2, The Blacksheep Affair and Fist Power.

Monday, September 19, 2016

THE HIT LIST - September 19, 2016

Follow me on Instagram and you're more than welcome to join in on my current Gintama binge. Apart from that and my other work obligations, the newest installment of the Hit List is here and ripe with plenty of stunt talent and action to absorb for your Monday evening!

Review: BEAST: THE CHRONICLES OF PARKER (2016) Is A Full-Blooded Martial Arts Action Affair That Shows Its Teeth Accordingly

Following a breakthrough career in the 1990's as the first African-American member of the Hong Kong Stuntman Association, actor and fight coordinator Robert Samuels has since gone onto work on various other projects to date, including Kaloni Davis's 2013 sophmore indie effort, Last Days The Saga: Torrent. For this, we now turn to Samuel's most recent turn at the helm with a project currently enduring following crowdfunding efforts earlier this year, and brings nothing short of an albeit doable concept that enfuses action, hip-hop, martial arts, fantasy and espionage in some pretty appealing ways.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Andrey Kravchuk's VIKING Gets An Official Trailer

If there were ever a more compelling, eye-catching promotional campaign for a film, it would be Andrey Kravchuk's forthcoming epic, Viking. Last year's teaser rose nothing short of pure, electric awareness of the new film for viewers - undoubtedly appealed by the sheer production value and quality overall. The set pieces were fanatstic as was the music score, and not really knowing full well the celebrity of lead actor, Hardcore Henry co-star Danila Kozlovsky, my guess is that the locals adore him, and clearly not for nothing.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Jean-Claude Van Damme And Co. Sign On To Star In KILL 'EM ALL

From spurs to sitting in a director's chair, actor, stuntman and fight coordinator Peter Malota's screen presence has proven fierce, especially in the eyes of fans of action star Jean-Claude Van Damme during his bustling heyday in the 1990's. The two had been long time friends and traning partners since meeting in 1982 before ultimately crossing paths on several occasions in films like Double Impact, The Quest and The Order to name a few.

Paramount Eyes Spring 2017 Start Date For The Next MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Film

.Writer and director Christopher McQuarrie's Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation soared to nearly $700 million dollars last summer. It's weekend success already led to talk of another in the works, an effort that has since been underway with an eye to start in January. Last month's pay dispute halted things for franchise producer and lead star Tom Cruise who had also been busy filming Doug Liman's new crime thriller, American Made (formerly Mena) which comes out a little over a year from this week.

Julien Seri's SMART CHASE: FIRE AND EARTH Filming, Adds Six More To Cast

Currently underway is the production of Night Fare helmer Julien Seri's latest production, Smart Chase: Fire And Earth. The film subsequently marks the start of a producing venture for its lead star, actor Orlando Bloom in China via his BlissBloom Productions banner following the film's announcement back in June.

Hong Kong Veteran John Salvitti To AMBUSH Audiences For His Directorial Debut

When you look at veteran martial artist and fight coordinator John Salvitti, you're looking at someone who has cut his teeth to a great deal over the last several decades dating back to the proliferation of Hong Kong cinema. Thus, having worked with the likes of Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Zhang Yimou and Yuen Woo-Ping in addition to his experience in law enforcement, he has since continued to further help influence how action is translated for the screen, and much to the favor of his own offering in the now-branded Salvitti Supa Scraps, most recently in Ernie Barbarash's 2015 thriller, Pound Of Flesh.

RUROUNI KENSHIN: THE LEGEND ENDS Teases An Epic Final Battle In The Official Trailer

The final chapter in the live-action telling of Keishi Otomo's epic Rurouni Kenshin trilogy comes to a close with the limited U.S. release of Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends. The first two are already rolling out on DVD and Blu-Ray from Funimation Films and you can get those before they release in November.

INTO THE BADLANDS: SEASON ONE Lands On DVD, Blu-Ray And Digital HD This November!

With season two well on the way, AMC's hit series, Into The Badlands, is already available via VOD streaming where you can find it. However, if physical media is more your speed, you're just luck with this week's announcement from Anchor Bay Entertainment's forthcoming release of the first season on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

French Thriller, DISORDER, Is Next In Line To Be Remade With 'Sicario' Writer Scripting

It's a terrific time to be in screenwriter Taylor Sheridan's shoes as of late. Last year's Sicario and this year's hit crime drama, Hell Or High Water have all but offered high marks for the acclaimed scribe who has since moved onto directing his latest completed thriller, Wind River, for a likely 2017 release.

Sarik Andreasyan's Superhero Actioner, GUARDIANS, Lands A New English VO Trailer

Sarik Andreasyans's latest, Guardians, couldn't have come at a better time with superhero movies in full swing. The trailers thusfar dating back to earlier this year have all but gripped genre followers far and wide and with a Russia release planned for February next year, talk of a sequel has already begun brewing with China to co-produce.

Otomo Keishi's MUSEUM Finally Lands A Full Trailer

Actor Oguri Shun is well on the way with at least one other live-action manga prospect in Fukuda Yuichi's Gintama for next year. For now, we turn our attention to his most recent role as a detective on the hunt for a serial killer menacing in a frog mask in Otomo Keishi's Museum based on Tomoe Ryosuke's 2013 publication.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

George Nolfi's BIRTH OF THE DRAGON Lands An Extended Promo

To mix in any conversation about martial arts films the question of just which Bruce Lee biopic is the best to date, is an instant invite to copious amounts fanboy scream-debating and shouting. Possibly in all caps. It gets crazy and little stupid at times, even more so as we live in an age when the long late martial arts and film icon is still a popular source to conjure on-going ideas for film and television.

BEYOND SKYLINE Sees Earth In An Alien Sea Of Blue In The Latest Poster

Yes, we're still without footage of director Liam O'Donnell's forthcoming action sci-fi sequel, Beyond Skyline, as much as many of us have hoped for at least a teaser by now. That said, a new teaser poster designed by artist Derek Winslow is being circulated via Twitter for the film which occurs in the same time line as its 2011 predecessor, Skyline, directed by Colin and Craig Strause.

Hill And Rodriguez Talk Gender-Swapping Action Noir, (RE)ASSIGNMENT

With TIFF still in full swing, much is also ado with Saban Films's most recent acquisition - director Walter Hill's latest movie, (Re)assignment. However, don't call it that title in front of neither Hill nor lead actress Michelle Rodriguez who leads the film as male assassin who seeks revenge after he's double crossed by gangsters and given gender-reassignment surgery at the behest of a sinister plastic surgeon, played by actress Sigourney Weaver.

Anchor Bay To Re-Release REIGN OF ASSASSINS And THE LOST BLADESMAN On DVD, Blu And Digital In November

More on director Gary Mak's latest happenings in due time, while the good folks over at Anchor Bay Entertainment are accomodating martial arts fans with the November 1 U.S. home releases of two distinct action-packed titles, Mak's 2011 historical Donnie Yen war action headliner, The Lost Bladesman, and director Su Chao-Pin's John Woo-produced 2010 martial arts period thriller, Reign Of Assassins starring action cinema leading lady Michelle Yeoh.

Catch The First Teaser For Jo Eui-Seok's New Crime Thriller, MASTER

I have to say, I'm pretty thrilled to see actor Lee Byung-Hun standing out so well in the last several years. The first I'd heard of him was in the live-action rendition of G.I. Joe in 2009 prior to its protracted sequel's release in 2013 and it's really exciting to see him take up action roles.