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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kim's WHO IS GOD In Talks To Cast Liu Yi-Fei As China And South Korea Iron Out Geopolitical Missle Drama

Actress Crystal Liu Yi-Fei (The Four film saga, The Forbidden Kingdom) is reportedly in extensive talks to star in Kim Ki-Duk's latest, Who Is God, which is currently set to start rolling cameras on in less than a few months. Should she sign the dotted line, she could very well get the gig...that is, if the stalemate between South Korea and China finally wanes.

MAX STEEL Goes Turbo In The First U.S. Trailer

While nowhere near or in the Marvel or DC purview, Stewart Hendler's latest live-action treatment at the helm for popular toy property Max Steel certainally grants itself quite the lip service. Though it was a bit of a wait before finally seeing two international trailers within the past month, U.S. platform Open Road Films has finally unveiled its first official trailer ahead of the film's North American release now set for October 14.


As far as remakes and reboots go, the 2014 adaptation of hit TV series, The Equalizer, seems to signal that director Antoine Fuqua knows how to gel with certain properties on par for big screen prospects. Thus, his latest comes by way of another remake classic, The Magnificent Seven, previously iterated by John Sturges with respect to late film auteur Kurosawa Akira.

Catch The Latest Action-Packed Trailer For Dante Lam's OPERATION MEKONG

Beast Stalker and Unbeatable helmer, acclaimed filmmaker Dante Lam's career is certainly a mixed bag for some as of late. His most recent affair will hit screens in Asia on October 6 with the new action thriller, Operation Mekong and it certainly doesn't hold back on spectacular action as far as I'm concerned, although that leaves much else to be determined for the rest of the film despite some of its best efforts.

The First Official Trailer For RE:BORN Heralds The Triple Crown Of Japanese Action

Three years since his appearance in Sono Sion's spectacular romp, Why Don't You Play In Hell?, much has been ado over questions pertaining to cult action star Sakaguchi Tak's stay or leave from the film industry altogether. Personally, I'd say it's worth hoping he'll stay while all his efforts in the last sixteen years have not been for naught, as young as his career still feels and the potential that still lies there.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Poirier's RELAPSE Invites A Tale Of Tactical Action And Vengeance In Its Own Potential Movieverse

It was back in 2013 that I first caught wind of filmmaker James Poirier's second shortfilm, The End Of December, from Tenth Gate Productions in association with ZoomTilt. I bring this up with actor and title star Nick Apostolides in mind, who led the short in a fantastic tale of two embattled covert ops soliders who set out to save a young boy's life, and it was a terrific piece of work you can still catch online.

TIFF 2016: Baker Bros.' KIN Casts Reynor, Kravitz And Franco Ahead Of October Filming

Click here and you'll find yourself immersed into a contemplative and intriguing little world set for us in the Jonathan Baker and Josh Baker-directed 2014 shortfilm, Bag Man. The short went on to become a Grand Jury nominated favorite last year at SXSW and much to the delight of its creators as well as the viewers who rightfully enjoyed it, and it's pretty easy to see why.

Bruce Lee-Inspired Martial Arts Crime Drama, WARRIOR, Gets A Pilot Order For Cinemax

If you're not subscribed to Cinemax and you love martial arts action and Bruce Lee, then take heed to this latest bit of news as a sign that you should. Following updates last May, the word now is that a pilot order has been given for Warrior, the latest effort hailing from Star Trek: Beyond helmer Justin Lin who is executive producing the pilot and may well direct.


Nearly two years have passed since news slowly and quietly broke of the shelving of the Joe Taslim-starring action vehicle, The Night Comes For Us, and the real reasons why remain unbeknownst to the public. The film was drawn on the hinges of the recent successes of Indonesian film hits like Gareth Evans's Merantau, The Raid and The Raid 2, in addition to directing duo Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel's Macabre and Killers, and as one of two genre films being planned by Merantau and XYZ Films.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Lee Jung-Jae To Lead THE PROXY SOLDIERS For Fox International This Weekend

Actor Lee Jung-Jae just recently joined the cast of the Orlando Bloom-led actioner, Smart Chase: Fire & Earth for which Night Fare helmer Julien Seri is directing. In the meantime, the Operation Chromite co-star will have his hands full with Marathon helmer Chung Yoon-Chul for this weekend's production of the new period action adventure, The Proxy Soldiers, for Fox International.

Reel Deal Martial Arts Adventure, PLAN B Heads To Sitges This October

Not to be outdone by time, the upcoming German martial arts action comedy, Plan B, has been one of the most hugely anticipated titles to come in our direction in the past few years. I certainly made sure to stay on top of it in one of my five-a-day pieces late last year, while the film remained off radar with any updates while still in post-production and I certainally hoped something would happen this year.

Donnie Yen Commences True Crime Remake, CHASING THE DRAGON Next Month!

Action star Donnie Yen's latest battle with intergalactic foes remains pending with the December release of Gareth Edwards's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. In the meantime and with fate unknown as for other titles previously announced for the actor, Yen is reportedly picking up on another property - its performance immortalized in film history by actor Ray Lui, who co-starred opposite Yen in the 2007 martial arts crime hit, Flash Point.

Friday, August 26, 2016

DEATH WISH Casts The Vigilante's Brother With Vincent D'Onofrio

Big things are abound for actor Vincent D'Onofrio next month. His next big screen venture, Antoine Fuqua's The Magnificent Seven will open the Toronoto International Film Festival which kicks off on the eighth prior releasing in theaters on September 23, which should be a ceremonial feat for moviegoers who've enjoyed Fuqua's work, especially in recent years.

THE HIT LIST - August 29, 2016

It's been a quiet weekend, folks. So, it's good to be back and sharing some content for this week's installment of the Hit List, packed with new feat and jewels of action to celebrate, along with a sweet little webseries jewel to boot.


Imagine that you were called upon to remake one of the most formative works of your youth. Something that ultimately changed the trajectory of your entire life. Now imagine you were tasked with fighting the good fight to rejuvenate the dormant genre that gave birth to it. That was the position that actor/stunt performer Alain Moussi found himself in when he was cast in John Stockwell's reboot of the Mark DiSalle/David Worth-directed action classic, Kickboxer.

Moussi speaks of the experience with boundless energy and enthusiasm. From making the transition into leading man status to going toe-to-toe on screen with the man who inspired him to take up martial arts, Moussi is living some kind of dream... And loving every minute of it.

James Couche: Could you talk about making the transition from stunt performer to leading actor?
Alain Moussi: It's definitely a challenge. I've doubled multiple leads. I've doubled Henry Cavill, Hugh Jackman, Jai Courtney so I've always seen them perform and then I go in to do what I need to do when it's time. To do both, it's definitely a challenge. I train so hard physically to build up my skills and maintain my skills. So when I made the transition, I felt like “I need to train”. I had some acting workshops here and there but now I really had to push it. So I hired an acting coach and for five months straight I worked with him nonstop. For me, the only way to get good at something is to practice; it's the same approach I have in martial arts. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Martial Arts Thirller, INSIGHT Looks Into The Future With An Action-Packed Teaser

Following her 2014 debut, Brush With Danger, director Livi Zheng is on track to release her next action movie endeavor, Insight, which recently had its press day earlier this month with a teaser poster. The plot itself is an extraordinary one, centered on a martial artist and clairvoyant on a mission of vengeance to uncover the truth behind the death of his long lost, equally-giftef brother with the help of a female detective.

JUDGE ARCHER Rules With A New Trailer From Lionsgate Unlocked

Director and acclaimed novelist Xu Haofeng's 2012 theatrical foray, Judge Archer, has been a long-awaited one. The film, following up from its short story roots in Xu's "Hiding Behind The Blade" anthology, marks a second effort in the chair for Xu who has since already made a small-yet-steadily growing name for himself since his 2011 debut, The Sword Identity.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

WB/DCEU's JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Lands The Director Of The GAMBIT Movie He Is No Longer Directing. Or Whatever.

Welp... 2016 has been quite the damper in movie expectations, especially pertaining to 20th Century Fox's dwindling Gambit film inspired by Marvel Comics. That one is was supposed to be releasing at some point next year provided production already started, though the word now is that its previously-attached director, Doug Liman is no longer involved while its star moves on to play a mermaid. Or something.

Review: THE TUNNEL (2016) Digs Into A Place In Humanity Where The Sun Rarely Shines

Kim Sung-Hoon surprised me last year when I finally got around to watching his most recent crime thriller, A Hard Day. It was a perfect introduction into his work for me and so that didn't leave much to be concerned with in lieu of his latest movie, The Tunnel, which, according to Variety's most recent report, is still topping the Korean box office as of its second week. Author Sae Jo-Won's 2013 novel serves as the inspiration for Kim's own script which stands as way more than a mere underdog tale of one man's survival against the elements. Most prolifically, it dares to cast an obligatory spotlight on some of the worst scenarios that could occur in any situation that stands similar in nature as lives hang in the balance.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Watch The First Official Trailer For Rising Tiger Films Premiere Feature, BLACK SCAR BLUES

Marking a major milestone achievement for Leesburg-based independent film group, Rising Tiger Films, Leroy Nguyen's directorial feature debut, Black Scar Blues, has certainly undergone a teething evolution to get to where it is now. Thus, we are now brought the first official trailer for the new movie which fuses both raw, gritty drama with thrilling martial arts action as per the company's m.o. for more than a decade.

GUARDIANS Unleash Their Power In The Second Trailer For Andreasyan's New Movie

If you're new to the ambitious spectacle that lies ahead for Sarik Andreasyan's latest feat, Guardians, you have time! The film rolls out in Russia on February 23, 2017 and is already the subject of a potential franchise should the prospects meet the result, and for all things considered in today's film climate, there's no reason for it not to.

THE DEPARTED Heads To Amazon For Series Development

Amazon is adding more reasons for consumers to get in on its content. Sources have confirmed the active developement of a new television series reimagining Martin Scorsese's 2006 hit film, The Departed, Amazon Studios, Vertigo Entertainment, Initial Entertainment Group and Plan B Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. TV.

Stuart Willis Sci-Fi, RESTORATION, Takes To SKY And Virgin Australia

Following its NINE Network premiere earlier this month, director Stuart Willis's sci-fi debut, Restoration is officially presented in a new deal for its continued rollout. An official teaser can be viewed by clicking here, but read on with further details in the announcement beneath as well as a batch of stills courtesy of Midnight Snack Productions.

TIFF 2016: Bernthal Boards Dagg's Hitman Thriller, SWEET VIRGINIA This Weekend

It's been a good year for Snitch and AMC's The Walking Dead co-star, actor Jon Bernthal, after having turned out an unbeatable performance in Netflix's treatment of Marvel character, Punisher for Netflix series, Daredevil. It's one of the best things you'll see and, indeed, more will undoubtedly come for that character while Bernthal awaits other appearances in Edgar Wright's Baby Driver next year and the October 14 release of mathematical crime thriller, The Accountant starring Ben Affleck.

Monday, August 22, 2016

THE HIT LIST - August 22, 2016

This week's installment of the Hit List will definitely be a little light on content. My guess is everyone's been busy working, which is good for me seeing as if not, I wouldn't be able to share as much as I often do.

Catch The Eerie New Trailer For Liu Ye Crime Flick, COCK AND BULL

Judging by the first trailer for Cao Baoping's latest flick, Cock And Bull, you wouldn't be at fault for pegging it as something darkly comedic at the very least with actor Liu Ye leading the cast. This week, second trailer is now making the rounds and with a strikingly different new tone ahead of its September 14 release, hinting at a much more lustful, eerie tale of intrigue and it appeals to the curiosity some.

Pang's MY WAR Wages On With A New Trailer

Currently readying a life away from film in order to tend to the demands of fatherhood, filmmaker Oxide Pang Chun is going out with a tentative bang with the new film, My War. The film marks Pang's debut into the war genre following a career trajectory largely stemming from horror and suspense films whilst dabbling into other concepts that gladly brought us films like The Storm Warriors in 2006 the award-winning pre-remake 1999 Pang Bros thriller, Bangkok Dangerous and its remake starring Nicolas Cage.

Sakaguchi's Bloodlust Takes Over New Photos From Shimomura's RE:BORN

Actor Sakaguchi Tak's exit from (or re-entry into) film has been a hard one to pin-point. Though the actor himself has previously pointed out finishing his cult celebrity status with his latest starring role in Re:Born, some are discussing it as his "return". It's not exactly something I would argue against either. I've been a fan of Sakaguchi since college when he was just a budding young badass in a pair of early performances, including Yamaguchi Yudai's Battlefield Baseball and Kitamura Ryuhei's Versus.

Watch The Teaser For EXILE Gangster Saga Sequel, HiGH&LOW: The Red Rain

This October, the saga continues the epic action-packed spectacle of EXILE TRIBE's two season HiGH&LOW: The Story Of S.W.O.R.D. series and the feature film in July. A teaser has already begun circulating for a while now with Deadball and Chinyuki helmer Yamaguchi Yudai in the director's chair for HiGH&LOW: The Red Rain, and it doesn't dole out much, but it measures all the same in intensity and excitement as the franchise has done so far.

Halle Berry Puts The Pedal To The Metal In The New Trailer For KIDNAP

Atress Halle Berry's return to the big screen is literally packed with some exciting "hail mary" moments. That's sort of the impression we're left with regarding some of the thrilling moments of stuntwork on the set of Kidnap from Luis Prieto which is finally releasing on December 2 from Relativity Media following its delay from earlier this year.

REVIEW: 'Kickboxer' Returns With A 'VENGEANCE'

Remakes are a dime a dozen in 2016. Oftentimes, a studio will grave-rob a long dorment franchise and forcibly modernize it so that they can sell the name recognition while also trying to appeal to modern audiences. Oftentimes, this means reducing the goofy/dated charm of the original and injecting an unhealthy dose of gritty realism to make it feel more “modern”; results may vary. Somehow, John Stockwell's Kickboxer: Vengeance dodges this pitfall and spin kicks it in its cynical face. It somehow manages to be the 2016 equivalent of the 1991 original. Its level of grittiness is comparable to Kickboxer's early-90s “grittiness” while maintaining the lighter tone that helped make the original so entertaining.

Matsuda Is The Law In Kumakiri's DIAS POLICE: DIRTY YELLOW BOYS. Watch The Trailer!

With manga continuing to be an ever fruitful source for film progression in Japan, Toei's latest pivot now arrives with My Man helmer Kumakiri Kazuyoshi's Dias Police: Dirty Yellow Boys. The film is set for a September 3 release in Japan with actor Matsuda Shota starring as a one-man police force in service of well over 100,000 illegal immigrants dwelling in Japan with their own way of life.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Reflections on STAR TREK

It was 50 years ago around this time in 1966 that Star Trek appeared on our television screens for the very first time.

That's amazing to think about, isn't it?  Especially if you've been there since the beginning.  We can still get some of our best tastes of what the early years were like in books like A Star Trek Catalog by Gerry Turnbull, or The Star Trek Compendium by Allan Asherman, or Inside Star Trek: The Real Story by Herbert F. Solow and Robert H. Justman.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

THE MAP AGAINST THE WORLD Dares To Open Joseon's Doors In The U.S. Trailer

Slimido and Fists Of Legend helmer Kang Woo-suk is pivoting to a first in his 20-film career thusfar. His newest and debut history drama, The Map Against The World, follows in the footsteps of a legendary cartographer who braved the elements to provide a map to the people of late Joseon, taking notes from Park Shin-bum's 2009 Munhakdongne novel, "Gosanja".

MECHANIC: RESURRECTION Takes A Leap Of Faith With A New Clip And Red-Band Trailer

Director Dennis Gansel's Mechanic: Resurrection is less than a week away and it's high time the promotional campaign picked up the pace some. The film is set to release in theaters on August 26 and stars Jason Statham in the returning role of the world's best assassin following the 2011 remake of the 1972 action classic.

Friday, August 19, 2016

DAYLIGHT'S END Awakens The Zombie Apocalypse With A New Trailer

It's been quite a journey for director William Kaufman's latest heralded cult hit, Daylight's End. Carried by the support of amply positive reviews following the film's well-earned festival acclaim, Vertical Entertainment has since announced its North American distribution in select theaters on August 26 in association with Dallas-based virtual reality studio Groove Jones for a more immersive viewing experience.

THE DRAGON'S ALLY: An Interview With Alexandre Bailly

Well, this was a pretty wicked trip back in time. It was certainly a regular pit stop for my nightly enjoyment of independent action group, Z-Team in my regular bingeing of action shorts everynight as the online action community continued to bloom, and indeed, The Z-Team were pretty big for me, right next to Zero Gravity and The Stunt People.

I was always fascinated by their quality of work in terms of action and storytelling, and I was certainly happy to see the likes of French actor and martial artist Alexandre Bailly among them. His participation in the 2007/2008 shortfilm, Brothers Forever, helped continue to signal a calling for the mainstream to pay attention and watch, much like other teams at the time - something that inspired me to start a freehostia.com account to get my own news site going and help discuss martial arts and action movies on a larger scale.

Unfortunately, as many of you might know from my story, my computer died in 2008 which impeded me from growing my blog further. Not to mention it essentially servered any and all communication or connectivity to the indie film community - a connection I honestly didn't think I would ever establish again since my departure as a netizen was so abrupt. However, who woud have guessed I would end up here doing the same thing and sustaining myself?

I didn't, but I'm glad I did, as it allowed me a chance talk and mingle with some great people who put out terrific work every year. And that goes for Bailly who I would have never recognized with his newly bleached blonde hair as per his latest role in Cui Lei's newest Chinese action thriller production, The Ultimate Hero which opened in the mainland last week with actor and martial artist Dragon Chen starring and co-helming.

The following was a treat to enjoy in our email conversation, and I have to say, I respect Bailly's candor greatly, and I thank him humbly for sharing his story, his memories thusfar in film, his opinions and wisdom here in our latest interview.

Film Combat Syndicate: Greetings Alex and thanks agreeing to talk to us this month. How has the year been for you so far?
Alexander Bailly: This year has been very good with the release of Marco Polo: Season Two and the upcoming release of Ultimate Hero. I wrapped a movie called Mission 911 where I play the lead bad guy and also I co-choreographed - It looks very promising and the fights are pretty unique for the Chinese market since we used CQC, Catch Wrestling/Grappling and Keysi. 
I worked on a film titled Reborn with action director and stunt professional Nick Powell; I only did stuntwork here but it was nice to work with Nick and study the way he operates, and particularly since Chinese and U.S. productions are very different in their approach. I also did a movie called On The Ropes with Reel Deal team in Canada They are really the top guys when it comes to Hong Kong-style choreography, and the fact that we are all good friends made shooting it a lot of fun. And finally, I might co-choreograph a North American-Chinese production but the deal is not signed yet, so wait and see.

GODZILLA Will Debut Its First Animated Movie In 2017

Much is still ado with Toho's famed classic monster property, Godzilla. The studio has since taken well off since releasing Shin Godzilla late last month in Japan cinemas from helmers Higuchi Shinji and Anno Hideaki, and rose as both a critical and commercial hit in its first two weeks.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

AMERICAN ASSASSIN Targets Taylor Kitsch For The Villain

With production officially set to commence next month, THR writes that actor Taylor Kitsch will star as the villain in director Michael Cuesta's forthcoming novel adaptation, American Assassin. The film is inspired by Vincent Flynn's 2010 novel, an origin story among the 14-book collection outlining the popular "Mitch Rapp" series from Simon & Schuster.

Fukushi Sota To Battle Afterlife Forces In Sato Shinsuke's Live-Action BLEACH Movie

Well, isn't this just grand.

Jared Leto Boards The BLADE RUNNER Sequel

Warner Bros. may not be off the hook when it comes to the negative critical reception of their DCEU releases, including director David Ayer's Suicide Squad, even with its latest global box office milestone of over $500 million dollars. Either way though, it hasn't put a dent in co-star Jared Leto's career, even as news of the eccentric actor's on-set behavior continues to circulate.

MAX STEEL Finally Suits Our Hero Up For Battle In The New Japanese Trailer

Dolphin Films

International marketing seems to be the key here given the global appeal of Mattel toy property, Max Steel. The new live-action movie from director Stewart Hendler is currently bound for a release later this year in the U.S. courtesy of Open Road Films and a trailer remains pending following the Latin American promo which went viral earlier this month.


Paramount Pictures just unveiled another slick new poster for Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, which opens on October 21 in theaters. Check it out below and click here to view the previous poster in case you missed it!


At some point in the near future we're going to have to get an official airing of the trailer (or at least a new one) since the first one already leaked twice earlier this week. Until then, new stills are rolling out for the upcoming Amazon Prime pilot premiere for Jean-Claude Van Johnson, a series that features our own legendary action hero, actor Jean-Claude Van Damme in the title role, as...himself! Sorta.

Enjoy 20 Years Of Legendary Action Movie Fandom In Less Than Four Hours Of Trailer Glory

Vimeo user Geoff Thompson came up with the bright idea of assembling the mightiest amalgam of action movie trailers from the 80's and 90's in two separate videos; Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Lundgren, Willis, Seagal, Van Damme, Glover, the list goes on and all of these and more will likely resonate with you if you've grown up with these names in your VHS library, advertised to the authority of late voice over trailer artist, Don LaFontaine.

THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR Comes Home Starting Next Month!

Moviegoers in the U.K. still has about a week before director James DeMonaco's The Purge: Election Year makes the theatrical rounds capping off the current trilogy until further notice. In the meantime, folks in the U.S. will soon have an opportunity to invite the dystopian suspense thriller saga in their home with both the trilogy as well as the latest installation which sees lead actor Frank Grillo returning to the fray.

#TrustInTim, Because DEADPOOL Creator Rob Liefeld Doesn't Want To Be 'That Guy'

The most difficult thing about discussing comic book movies is the constant flow of rumors that drown out any fact-based conversation on any title in the genre. Deadpool 2, no less, is an obvious target for this kind of tomfoolery while fans engage in many a shoutfesty, reactey, ALL CAPS TYPEY fan rant about who it is they want to see play certain characters on the big screen, namely characters Cable and Domino.

[UPDATED] TIFF 2016: Mo Bros' Actioner, HEADSHOT Gets Poster Sightings

The tension and excitement continue to brew in lieu of the upcoming world premiere of the new action thriller, Headshot at this year's Toronto International Film Festival. Other screenings are also in the works for the new movie from Killers and Macabre helmers Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel while a likely 2017 release date for next year remains pending.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

TIFF 2016: Watch The Explosive New Trailer For THE DUELIST

Currently on deck for a premiere amid the specials line-up at TIFF, Alexey Mizgirev's new thriller, The Duelist, is back and making the rounds with a pulsating new trailer brimming with intensity and action.

Watch The Trailer For Sean Spencer's Neo-Noir Mystery Thriller, PANIC

UK filmmaker Sean Spencer has been busy in the past two years in front of film festival crowds with his chilling debut neo-noir thriller, Panic. Now, following its completion in late 2014 with various festival screenings under its belt including Dinard, LUFF at BFI, and earning a Best UK feature nod at Raindance, the film is finally heading to UK cinemas on September 23 and on VoD on October 3.

Fashion Spells Trouble In The New Trailer For Seagal Actioner, END OF A GUN

To be honest, I'm more focused on what action star Steven Seagal plans on doing with his upcoming sequel to Above The Law since it was announced earlier this month. In the meantime, he's back and with none other than helmer Keoni Waxman for their ninth pairing for the new action thriller, End Of A Gun.

The Juppongatana Emerge In The New U.S. Trailer For RUROUNI KENSHIN: KYOTO INFERNO

The rollout continues next month Otomo Keishi's Rurouni Kenshin trilogy continues to pave its way in select theaters North America. Next month will see the limited event debut, Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno on September 12, 13 and 14 and Funimation Films has unveiled the latest trailer for the live-action adaptation which now encompasses our hero's journey to Kyoto to stop a mad swordsman and his army from pillaging Japan and plunging the country back into darkness.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Indonesian Superheroine VALENTINE Shows Her Love For The Fight In The Second Teaser

Efforts for Indonesian action cinema to enter the superhero movie fray have been slow to pass, but they are happening. Executive producer Sarjono Sutrisno and the folks over at Skylar Pictures are exemplary of this with their latest in-house effort, Valentine, a live-action adaptation of their own comic book line from creator Aswin MC Siregar, and one which has taken its fair share of time to fully come to fruition.