Robbie, Ayer Reunite For GOTHAM CITY SIRENS Adaptation

In the months leading up to the stellar performing release of box office hit, Suicide Squad, it was already being reported that Warner Bros. was well on the way with developing a feature spin-off focusing on a female-centric narrative primed with heroines and villainesses from the DC Universe. Three months later, Suicide Squad, in the weeks proceeding director David Ayer's bold "F**k Marvel" commentary which he eventually recanted, the film went on to gross well over $745 million dollars worldwide, flying in the faces of critics who struck the comic book adaptation with perpetually negative reviews overwhelming some positive ones.

Evidently, the film's success only meant the discussions surrounding the future of Suicide Squad on the big screen wouldn't be going away anytime soon, and with Robbie now on deck to produce, the word now from THR is that Ayer himself, once he wraps with Netflix-bound sci-fi fantasy cop actioner, Bright, is back and on board in the director's chair for what the studio is now aiming as an advancement of the 2009 comic book series, Gotham City Sirens. Paul Dini, Tony Bedard and Peter Calloway wrote all 26 issues through 2011 with stories that centered on Batman Universe characters such as Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and the Joker's part-time girlfriend, Harley Quinn, which Robbie herself will reprise in the new film as well while producing along with Ayer.

The studio has since tapped Geneva Robertson-Dworet to pen the script following her work on Roar Uthaug's Tomb Raider reboot in addition to the studio's pending Sherlock Holmes threequel. Geoff Johns and Jon Berg from DC's film arm will also serve in a producer capacity while other plans may be underway to spin-off other characters from Suicide Squad in addition to a sequel. As for how they'll manage to keep up with the rest of the DC universe as it holds itself together between now, crewing up a new director for The Flash and filming Aquaman, Cyborg, Green Lantern Corps and Justice League movies is...well... but a mystery.

Heavy stuff! Details ahead.


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