FAST 8 Featurette Rides The Open Road With New Footage And Plot Details

When it comes to all things Fast And Furious, Universal Pictures isn't afraid to go hard on hype. It worked for every film thusfar leading up to last year's explosive +1 billion dollar success and a year and a half later, we're now days away from the first official teaser trailer for the new film, Fast 8.

A first look is now online blending footage the previous installments with just a few shots from the upcoming action adventure, and segments from the cast that further teases what lies ahead for the film's plot. Granted, there are plenty of ideas to mull over about the story here regarding the additions of actress Dame Helen Mirren and the return of action star Jason Statham from Furious Seven, as well as anyone of Dwayne Johnson's Instagram posts, and if you've seen all the films, even better.

Feel free to speculate while you check out the promo below, and as sure as I am that you all will stay glued to social media this Sunday for the first trailer, make note of the film's April 17, 2017 release while you're at it.


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