Buakaw Shows His Teeth In The First Official Teaser For LEGEND OF THE BROKEN SWORD HERO

As always, the prospects still loom for professional fighters looking to get into film and Muay Thai favorite, Buakaw Banchamek has been well on track for such an accomplishment. The Samurai Of Ayothaya co-star and K1 and Muay Thai champion is already in tow for a few film prospects pending with one of them being Wilson Yip's latest, Paradox (formerly Fate).

The other, Thongdee: The Warrior had been long in the works with a proof of concept showcasing Banchamek in true screen form. And so it is, with Bang Rajan helmer Bin Bunluerit at the helm for the champion fighter and budding action hero's debut lead role for the new period action adventure, Legend Of The Broken Sword Hero which tells of an 18th century legendary general who, notably at one point during battle, fought courageously whilst armed with two swords - one broken in half.

Interestingly, he local title for this translates to Gold Teeth - something which also plays into the young history of our protagonist as the film stirs the pot for a potentially epic invite into a new era of film stardom for one of Surin's most promising athletes. Legend Of The Broken Sword Hero does have its place somewhere in 2017 and hopefully it won't be long while the first official teaser arrived courtesy of Sahamongkol, English subtitles and all. Check it out!


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