All Jackie Chan Needs Is One Inch In The Latest KUNG FU YOGA Trailer

Got a formula? Stick to it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Certainly this is how action star Jackie Chan and many of his fans may feel about his movies and I can certainly understand. That said, I can't really say I'm surprised and impressed anymore by a lot of what I see, except for whatever stands out the most in a trailer for any Jackie Chan film.

That said, the first trailer for Stanley Tong's Kung Fu Yoga sold me just on the wackiness of it all, carsick lions riding shotgun and what have you. That, plus whatever Chan has in store for the action sequences here may serve well for the average Chan fan and so in that respect, I personally hope to be entertained at the very least. The obligatory handsome male supporting roles and beautiful actresses to help fill in the blanks, Eric Tsang as the comedy relief and Sonu Sood as our main villain and you pretty much have a textbook Chan film at hand. Whatevs.

Chinese archeology professor Jack teams up with beautiful Indian professor Ashmita and assistant Kyra to locate lost Magadha treasure. In a Tibetan ice cave, they find the remains of the royal army that had vanished together with the treasure, only to be ambushed by Randall, the descendent of a rebel army leader.
Check out the new trailer below ahead of its China release next month! (H/T to Felix Ng)


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