GHOST SOURCE ZERO: Cyberwarfare And Artillery Go Big In The Slick New First Look Trailer!

2011 saw ample opportunity for independent director and Planet Nerd Rage Productions founder Mark Cheng to leave an impression for the Hasbro fanbase, and so he did upon the release of G.I. Joe fan film, Operation: Red Retreival. Fast forward to 2016 and with the blessing of G.I. Joe creator and comic book auteur Larry Hama, Cheng is back once again with his latest in-house original testament to futuristic action and cyberpunk sci-fi, Ghost Source Zero.

Hama co-wrote the script with Cheng for a story that focuses on Division 9, an elite anti-cyber crimes unit as they chronicle their mission to stave off a brewing android revolution that could threaten mankind's existence. The film has been three years active in the making with Cheng filming an earlier proof-of-concept sequence to showcase the look he was going for before successfully crowdfunding in 2014 with Hama's attachment to the project.

Thus, small budgets notwithstanding, such is the case with what we now see in the latest first look trailer for the film, replete with quality visuals and set pieces fitting of its cyberpunk framework, along with heavy tech and artillery, killer femme fatales and enough explosive, kinetic action to garner enough chest hair for an R-rating.

The ball is still rolling on international distributorship talks, so expect some updates in the coming months and weeks. That said, expect a 2017 release at best as these deals and rollouts usually take copious amounts of time, while taking a gander at the firsr look trailer below. Joe Barbagallo and Jean Goto star along with Kage Yami, Natalie Jean, Graham Powell and stunt/fight coordinator Jae Greene.


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