Get A Look At The Action-Packed Sales Trailer For Brian Ho's Lead Debut, BEYOND REDEMPTION

We were thoroughly excited when Hong Kong stunt veteran-turned-filmmaker Bruce Fontaine began circulating markets earlier this year for his latest directorial debut, Beyond Redemption. In the months since then we were also pleased that the film landed at Well Go USA for its forthcoming home releases, as such now reportedly dated for February 7, 2017.

Indeed, a lot happened under the radar for many but with the film now circulating in the news again, it was a month ago that the world sales trailer from Premiere Entertainment Group finally began making the rounds and signaling Fontaine's own Wushu protégé, actor, martial artist and stuntman Brian Ho for his acting debut. It's also aiming as the first of a slate of films for Fontaine as he strives to further more productions in Vancouver, British Columbia via his Action Lab banner and judging by the footage, he's not off to a bad start - very much quite the opposite.

Anthony Patrick Wong and Derek Lowe wrote the script which sees Ho in the role of Billy Tong, a weary undercover cop who, amid the circumstances of incumbent fatherhood with his ex-wife, is forced to fight enemies on all sides within the Triad underworld in order to rescue a rival boss's daughter. Also starring are Osric Chau, Linna Huynh, Eddy Ko and acclaimed stunt pro Don Lew with YouTube personas Peter Chao, The Chengman and Linda Dong, and executive producer Tony Towe.

Check out the trailer below and stay tuned for all the official goods from Well Go USA.


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