Derek Yee's SWORD MASTER Wields A Poster And Release Date

If there were ever a film to arrive in time for the holidays, it appears it would be director Derek Yee's latest 3D endeavor, Sword Master. The film is releasing theatrically this Friday in China and is now bound for screens in North America and Canada on December 9 as per Well Go USA's latest announcement which now comes branded with a fresh new U.S. poster. Peep it below along with a small batch of stills from the film!

In this beautifully shot wuxia epic, a powerful swordsman is haunted by the destructive impact his deadly talents have on others. Weary of the bloodshed and violence from the martial arts world, he banishes himself to the humble life a vagrant, wandering the fringes of society. But his violent past refuses to let him go quietly. The master swordsman must regain the ability to wield his sword and fight those disrupting the peace he so desperately craves. 
Director Derek Yee joins forces with producer Tsui Hark to bring this classic story of a master swordsman to life.  With a mixture of complex emotions and unconventional characters, Tsui and Yee believe their collaboration has created a Sword Master that will both entertain and intrigue.


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