DEADPOOL 2 Rebounds With David Leitch Directing

I'm watching Deadpool as I'm writing this prior to your reading of it. It'll be interesting to see how the upcoming sequel turns out under David Leitch who recently set out for his upcoming solo directorial debut on The Coldest City this July following his co-director services on John Wick a few years ago.

Indeed, it's finally been confirmed that Leitch will helm the film for Ryan Reynolds's second stint seuguing from the hugely staked bid for the first film that took nearly a decade to make happen. Tim Miller directed the first film starring Reynolds based on the Marvel property as a fast talking merc-turned-mutant superhuman killer whose viciousness in wit is as deadly as his aim and fighting prowess. Miller reportedly left the sequel in October due to creative differences with Reynolds over vision, tone and casting prior to news that broke at Mashable regarding talk of Leitch's possible attachment.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick will be back to script the film and will likely have a role to play in planting the seeds for a third film as well as an X-Force film in the Deadpool sequel. More developments are coming but this undoubtedly gets things back on track with production otherwise kicking off in January as expected.

Stay tuned for updates!

H/T: Deadline


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