Celina Jade Rejoins Wu Jing For WOLF WARRIORS 2

There's a lot happening in the next few years and especially with actor and martial artist Wu Jing who is still in production with his latest sequel offering, Wolf Warriors 2. The film follows up last year's hit in the wake of a lengthy post-production, thankfully landing the film a nearly $90 million dollar gross in China, making it a Spring blockbuster.

Here with Wu tackling the sequel once more as its director and star with a story set in a fictional war-torn African country, the new film is announcing its latest casting addition by way of Variety with actress Celina Jade (The Man With The Iron Fists, Skin Trade), reuniting with her star since initially working together on the 2006 movie, Legendary Assassin which Wu co-directed with the film's action director, Nicky Li; Li directed the action once more on Wolf Warriors with Wu making his solo directorial debut at the time.

The film is being produced by Deng Feng International Media, China Film Group, Bona Films and Beijing Culture, along with the backing of some serious Hollywood muscle from Marvel movie directors Anthony and Joe Russo who've made it their m.o. to establish themselves in China in the past year, assisting on a number of local titles. Wu and Jade are joined by Han Zheng, returning actress Yu Nan, and actor Frank Grillo.


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