Help Crowdfund British Martial Arts Spy Comedy THE REAL TARGET, Now Aiming At Early 2017 Start Date

News back in February hinted at the production of a proof-of-concept for The Real Target, a British martial arts comedy about a kung fu couple whose missions unravel and unveil an even more nefarious plot by a hidden enemy. As it was then and still is, the core of the film's team are some of the best people covered by any film or fansite and mainly if you're familiar with the online work of directing duo George and Harry Kirby of K&K Productions.

Projects like Frieza Saga, Batman, or this little wicked zombie action short from a few years back come to mind, but like any independent film company that's been simmering for long, it's only natural that the Kirbys' progression would lead them to bringing a movie like The Real Target to full feature film fruition. This, after a year and a half of development and in the company of genuine local martial arts, stunt and acting talent, film is finally in pre-production with the goal of launching in 2017.

Apart from the official announcement just below, you can learn more at the film's official Indiegogo page where funds are now being raised to help get production off the ground by Spring with the usual awesome perks doled out in kind. Check out the deets below and head over to the campaign site to hear out select members of the cast and crew, including actress and co-writer/producer Yolanda Lynes, actor, action director and co-writer/producer David Cheung, the Kirbys', and one of the internet's boldest-speaking martial arts instructors today, UK Wing Chun pedagogue Master Wong who serves as the film's fight choreographer.

Read on, and peep the latest artwork!

Due to hit the British film industry in 2017, The Real Target is an action packed martial-arts-comedy feature film, consisting of a diverse and international cast of bad-ass action actors, legendary martial arts champions and fearless stunt performers, playing the roles of heroic vigilantes and secret agent assassins. 
A film inspired by true events, The Real Target explores the corrupt government underworld, conspiracy theories and stories from today’s media, in a bid to expose the truth. 
Internationally renowned martial artist and YouTube sensation, Master Wong, is excited to embark on his feature film debut, as the story’s legendary, thought provoking ‘Kung Fu Master’, bringing his expert knowledge in weapons and military combat. 
“This film is bursting with action; weapons, fighting, explosions, stunts. You’ll laugh so much, you’ll get abs”. – Master Wong. 
Written by the Kung Fu Couple, David Cheung and Yolanda Lynes, featuring a super group cast, as seen in Wonder Woman, Justice League, Doctor Strange and Now You See Me 2, along with British Taekwondo Silver Medallist, Jing Lang and Team GB’s Wushu Gold Medallist, Steve Coleman, this film promises to be explosive, comical and edge-of-your-seat entertaining. 
“Girl Power is definitely to be expected; The Real Target aspires to break the common stereotypes portrayed in film, starring strong, female, bad-ass assassins, promoting gender equality” – Yolanda Lynes. 
For the chance to get on the film set, or for exclusive behind the scenes opportunities, head to


  1. Amazing!! Its going to be truly action packed!


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