GODZILLA 2 Is In Talks For A New Director

Bearing my soul here some, so here goes: Gareth Edward's 2014 rendition of Toho property, Godzilla, kinda sucked. It may be because of the fact that I caught a late showing of it at the movies and fell asleep in the finale which is why I continually feel unresolved by it or it could be because to date, even watching it on television or on VoD, that I still end up falling asleep by the third act. Or maybe I'm just cranky and need more sleep. I don't know.. Eventually I did catch the last part in the on/off bits-and-pieces viewing of it but it's still a little frustrating and I'm probably alone on this. A friend of mine named Darren saw it and loved it and frankly I'm a little jealous. Ha!

The jury is still out on my own receival of Funimation Films's release of Shin Godzilla so I'll give my reaction to that one in due time. Meanwhile, Edwards's film has been long due for a sequel since it was announced that same summer after earning a global box office turn out of $103 million dollars, and with him still at the helm. So, what of it then? Well, two years and a Star Wars spin-off later, he's obviously not doing it anymore while the good folks at Legendary continue to plot the three-film course to a crossover of legends between Godzilla and King Kong beginning with Kong: Skull Island in March. That said, a bit of word from Screencrush has dibs on the sequel to Edwards's film that states Krampus director Michael Dougherty is in talks to helm the film.

Dougherty and Krampus co-writer Zach Shields are penning the script for Legendary Pictures, while the report also suggests a possible writers' room may be in progress of assembly to help put the films together and the suits at Legendary decide whether or not to make it official. Plot details and other ideas on what Dougherty and Shields might have in store are up for grabs among fans following along with further updates and news ahead, Toho's own premiere animated 2017 Godzilla movie notwithstanding.


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