Get Ready For The LOGAN Trailer With A New Tease!

Director James Mangold's latest, Logan, is looking more and more fierce every passing day in the last few weeks. Teaser images have been rolling out on social media host to a cast that so far reveal little about the plot while otherwise hinting at villains such as Mister Sinister and the Essex Corp, as well as The Reavers.

Actor Hugh Jackman leads the film and with it, a humble farewell from the Marvel X-Men character that launched his film career to stardom for more than fifteen years within the auspices of 20th Century Fox. Also starring are Richard E. Grant and Shane Black's recent Predator addition, actor Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce, along with young actress Sienna Novikov who was confirmed about a week ago as X-23, the young female clone of Wolverine.

More news about the film is coming indeed, and for this, tomorrow's inbound trailer for which a tease has now gone viral for the one and only R-rated X-Men film other than Tim Miller's Deadpool. Check it out below!


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