DEADPOOL 2 Loses Its Director. WTF?

Casting news is currently pending over who will take the role of psionic markswoman Domino in the upcoming sequel to this year's smash hit, Deadpool. Actor Ryan Reynolds is poised to reprise the title role that waited years for its first feature-length R-rated rendition, telling of a dying mercenary whose forced mutation at the hands of a sinister doctor who kidnaps his girlfriend, sends him on a mission to vengeance.

The film ultimately earned to the tune of nearly $783 million dollars worldwide and claiming a number of history-making firsts since its theatrical run from February. With this, it was evident that Tim Miller, who played a pivotal role in campaigning heavily and working tenaciously with Reynolds on helping the first film avoid the usual PG-13 treatment for a more feasible sell at the box office as with other mainstream comic book movies as of late, was to return to helm the sequel since it was greenlit on the eve of the film's release.

It was still so in April when the film was made official during events at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, although now it appears that creative differences between the star anshave resumed over the picture, thus, new reports from the trades signaling Miller's "amicable" departure. It's quite a surprising turn of events and brings little understanding at the moment as to what will happen next and how this will affect the film with a new director.

At any rate, one can only hope that Reynolds and the crew will find a helmer they can gel with just as easily in order to make Deadpool 2 an even more grand, action-packed affair than its predecessor. As for whether or not that can be done by the aforementioned release date, that remains to be seen.

H/T: Variety


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