British Kung Fu Comedy, THE REAL TARGET, Brandishes A Masterful New Poster

Attendees this past weekend at MCM Comic-Con got a welcoming first hand look for K&K Productions's most recent shortfilm effort, Cable: Chronicles Of Hope. The project is but one of several examples you may lend a nod to when outlining just what makes such a company worthy of great prospects other than an ability to tell a story, and invole a solid grip on many areas of film pertaining to screenwriting, cinematography and fight choreography.

Obviously, if none of these are in question with you and you have interest, you may be well keen on investing in their latest feature film debut efforts with actor, martial artist and co-director David Cheung. Crowdfunding efforts have already begun for the new British martial arts espionage comedy, The Real Target with cool perks to be doled out in kind while plans remains to roll cameras early next year.
The Real Target is an action packed martial arts comedy film. In a world full of corruption, conspiracy and criminals, The Kung Fu Couple and their vigilante team target villains to save the planet from lethal weapons of mass destruction, starring international actors, martial artists and champion athletes. When a deadly man-made virus is created, they must fight to save the world and take down evil controllers of the global financial system.
Cheung is joined by actress, co-writer and producer Yolanda Lynes also stars along with a plethora of talented cast members, including the vehemently outspoken online Wing Chun tutor and instructor, Master Wong who is now the subject of his own poster. Wong will co-star as well as serve as the film's fight choreographer with Cheung directing the action sequences.

More artwork and updates are well on the way while you can follow any and all updates at Indiegogo and throughout social media. Take a look!


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