THE HIT LIST - September 19, 2016

Follow me on Instagram and you're more than welcome to join in on my current Gintama binge. Apart from that and my other work obligations, the newest installment of the Hit List is here and ripe with plenty of stunt talent and action to absorb for your Monday evening!

Taking the lead is the usual playlist of stunt reels from some of today's hardcore wreckers and coordinators of epic screen action and stunt work, now featuring Force Storm Entertainment's own Noah Fleder, the pre-visual wizardry of stunt coordinator Dave Macomber, and action actor Jonny Caines with a reel featuring some spectacular new footage from a feature project currently in post-production (see more on Caines's latest efforts here). Rounding out the playlist are Ashley Short, Craig Morgan, Aaron Delaney, Julia Maggio, Daniel Locicero, Jake Eavey, Jericho Green, Angelo Poulis, William Greenburg, Malay Kim, Tyler Hall, and the newest amalgam of action practice footage by Czech Republic-based Balestra Fencing Group.

Press play, and enjoy!

Right now there's nothing much in the promotional department, but martial arts fans would be wise to take note of director Robert Samuel's latest, Beast: The Chronicles Of Parker (formerly titled Beast). Hailing from R4 Films for its 17-minute debut at the Urban Action Showcase & Expo in November, actor and martial artist Marco Johnson leads the tale of an agent whose impending battle with a ruthless criminal may ensue the ultimate fight of his life.

Catch the official trailer and if you fancy it, click here for my review!

Off to a small grouping of new fight gems now making the rounds this week, and with the first, a two-in-one offering courtesy of Gael Carrion. The second comes courtesy of Bryan Sloyer grouping a neat little practice vid with Vonzino Simmons opposite Nick Kraewic, and action actresses Amy Sturdivant and Kiera O'Connor, and rising star action actor Marrese Crump in association with performers Jason Croom and action duo, The Blasian Twins - Calvin and Kevin Ross with The Executioner: Vol 1, and Twin Assassins V. Rogue Agent.

Once more, JUST PUSH PLAY!

At long last, we get to share some short-duration action movie magic and first up is, actress, stuntwoman and filmmaker Toy Lei with her latest shortfilm via Vimeo, Boxer, playing an assassin who recounts her life and career choices while raising a son unknowing of what her real line of work is. The project's release comes in the wake of a raft of awards and nominations through the festival circuit earlier this Spring.

This is one other gem I actually had the opportunity to screen earlier this year but I couldn't post anything as it was planning a fest run at the time. Thankfully, it's here and all still very much worth sharing as fans and netizens alike now get to see just why people like Lei are deserving of her accolades. By all means, it's four minutes of contemplative drama, action, brutality and gore.. what more do you want?


Capping things off for this week's installation is a much-needed dose of comedy lighten things up, and first of four videos playlisted comes from actor and filmmaker Joey Min following last week's premiere of the new webseries, My Asian Auntie, hailing from Art School Dropouts. It's a score of pure kung fu slapstick and laughs with Min as an unconvincing old woman in the title role but it presents a gleeful formula for something albeit fun to watch online. You can click here to see my earlier full thoughts on the series as well if you so wish!

Next up is actress and martial artist Sascha Raeburn who landed on my radar a few years ago upon finding her 2013 comedy short, Dragon Master. She's since returned to the fray with a mini-webseries titled Ninja Girl Payback, with Raeburn as a manufactured ninja currently adjusting to her new life while planning her revenge as a superhero. It's a one-woman show and it's all Raeburn who directs and stars as she grants viewers a showcase of her skillset in martial artist and animation.

Following that is another robust action/comedy presentation from actress and martial artist Maria Tran following her most recent appearance in Los Angeles for the premiere of Antony Szeto's Fist Of The Dragon. Now online is Tran's latest contribution to the online niche with Police Story: Girl Force, joining with actress Sharon Zhang as two ambitious cops vying for a promotion amid attempting to solve an actor's murder. Tran also writes and directs, and as a result, continues to show the world what qualifies her to be the next in the best of contemporary action.

Last and far from least is actor and filmmaker Matt Page who never goes a day on film without being in character as the legendary Ameri-do-te founder, Master Ken - a persona that continues to make strides through his hit webseries, Enter The Dojo, from which the playlist beneath rounds out with the episode titled Showdown At The Dojo. Lessons in grammar, attire and creativity ensue with slapstick, wit and over-the-top action and humor by way of Page who has assured himself a notable fanbase, and accordingly, a character that has literally become the face of satirical American martial arts fandom in the most awesome way.

Enjoy the playlist below!

Last week's Hit List is full of jewels that might suit you if you have some time to spare. Check those out and be sure to subscribe to the creators and their respective YouTube channels, and by all means, if you're a badass action performer and stunt player with cool demo reel or shortfilm that lives up to the demands of quality action and you feel deserves attention en masse, link us at!


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