Scorsese's TAXI DRIVER Gets A One-Week 4K Theatrical Run In Toronto Beginning October 7

Director Martin Scorsese is well on the way to finally see his latest period epic, Silence, hit select theaters starting December 23 before opening wider in January. In the meantime, folks in Toronto will get an opportunity early next month to re-live the acclaimed filmmaker's 1976 brooding crime drama classic, Taxi Driver.

The official website has announced a one-week theatrical run with a 4K presentation starting October 7. Critics Night guest, film journalist and Toronto Film Critics Association president Brian D. Johnson will be on hand to host the October 11th screening at 8:40pm EST.
Hallucinatory, mesmerizing and strikingly violent, Martin Scorsese and screenwriter Paul Schrader's plunge into the twisted psyche of a cab-driving Vietnam vet offers a nightmarish voyage into the seedy underbelly of pre-Giuliani NYC. In perhaps his greatest performance, Robert De Niro brilliantly incarnates the lonely and deeply troubled Travis Bickle, a walking shadow adrift in a sea of "filth," surrounded by random violence, racial tension, porno theatres and prostitution. Desperately striving to be a "normal person," Bickle becomes obsessed with "saving" a pre-teen prostitute (Jodie Foster) from her manipulative, jive-talking pimp (Harvey Keitel) — an act of redemption which demands a blood sacrifice. Tempering the bleakness and darkness of Schrader's script — which drew inspiration from John Ford's The Searchers, Robert Bresson's Pickpocket and the diaries of would-be George Wallace assassin Arthur Bremer — with a seductively noir-ish visual style and a romantic, luxurious score by the great Bernard Herrmann (completed only days before his death), Scorsese created one of the cinema's most searing portraits of incipient madness.


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