TIFF 2016: Watch The Explosive New Trailer For THE DUELIST

Currently on deck for a premiere amid the specials line-up at TIFF, Alexey Mizgirev's new thriller, The Duelist, is back and making the rounds with a pulsating new trailer brimming with intensity and action.

An adventure film, with dramatic and thriller elements set against the backdrop of palaces and the noble view of the Russian capital, The Duelist centers on Yakovlev, a retired officer, who returns to St. Petersburg from a long exile. While in the city, he fights as a duelist’s representative. (Nineteenth-century Russian duel law allowed for a duelist to be replaced by any one person.) Though Yakovlev fights for money, he also seeks honor and revenge against those who disgraced him, therein, challenging the Russian Providence.
Starring are Petr Fedorov, Vladimir Mashkov, Martin Wuttke, Julia Khlynina, Yuri Kolokolnikov and Franziska Petri for its World Premiere next month ahead of its Russian IMAX release on September 29. Check out the trailer!


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