THE MAP AGAINST THE WORLD Dares To Open Joseon's Doors In The U.S. Trailer

Slimido and Fists Of Legend helmer Kang Woo-suk is pivoting to a first in his 20-film career thusfar. His newest and debut history drama, The Map Against The World, follows in the footsteps of a legendary cartographer who braved the elements to provide a map to the people of late Joseon, taking notes from Park Shin-bum's 2009 Munhakdongne novel, "Gosanja".

Thus, we are now granted a story a la Kang with screenwriter Choi Jung-Me adapting the book, and with a South Korean release stamped for September 7, CJ Entertainment is proudly presenting the new adventure drama on September 9 in select U.S. cities. In the meantime, the distributor now brings us a new trailer to highlight the sprawling tale of one man's perilous journey of redemption and awakening.

Kim Jeong-Ho's (Cha Seung-Won) father died due to an erroneous map. Because of this, Kim Jeong-Ho has a strong desire to make his own map. He begins a complete block map of Joseon.
Watch the brand new trailer below!


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