Matsuda Is The Law In Kumakiri's DIAS POLICE: DIRTY YELLOW BOYS. Watch The Trailer!

With manga continuing to be an ever fruitful source for film progression in Japan, Toei's latest pivot now arrives with My Man helmer Kumakiri Kazuyoshi's Dias Police: Dirty Yellow Boys. The film is set for a September 3 release in Japan with actor Matsuda Shota starring as a one-man police force in service of well over 100,000 illegal immigrants dwelling in Japan with their own way of life.

Kumakiri wrote the script with screenwriter Moriya Fumio based on 2006 Weekly Morning seinen publication prior to its TBS-MBS series earlier this year. Other plot details are unknown but several teasers and an official trailer have been making the rounds to help throw hints around, otherwise boasting a workable, energetic manga adaptation amply loaded with action and comedy. Fans familar with the show or the manga may feel free to debate, but check it out below and judge for yourself.


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