Lee Jung-Jae To Lead THE PROXY SOLDIERS For Fox International This Weekend

Actor Lee Jung-Jae just recently joined the cast of the Orlando Bloom-led actioner, Smart Chase: Fire & Earth for which Night Fare helmer Julien Seri is directing. In the meantime, the Operation Chromite co-star will have his hands full with Marathon helmer Chung Yoon-Chul for this weekend's production of the new period action adventure, The Proxy Soldiers, for Fox International.

Lee will lead the cast of the 1592-set tale of a squad of mercenaries tasked with protecting the newly crowned prince during the course of a perilous journey that will determine the fate of the country. Hwayi: A Monster Boy (2013) co-star, actor Yeo Jin-Goo will play Prince Gwanghae. Producer Kim Ho-Sung added more on the production in a report at Screendaily, saying “During the Joseon Dynasty military duty was compulsory, but it was an open secret that the rich hired the poor to serve in their place,” “....So for many poor but healthy men becoming a ‘proxy soldier’ was a profession, and in fact they were considered to be superior in combat compared to the royal army.”

Rounding out the cast are actress Esom, and actors Kim Moo-Yul, Park Won-Sang and Bae Soo-Bin with Realies Pictures handling production.

Further details remain pending for Lee's Smart Chase: Fire & Earth which also reportedly joins Lee and Bloom with actress Jing Tian, and actors Simon Yam and Shi Yanneng following the film's announcement back in June. Stay tuned!


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