Fukushi Sota To Battle Afterlife Forces In Sato Shinsuke's Live-Action BLEACH Movie

Well, isn't this just grand.

I'll have you know that I just recently started getting in on two animes this month. Both are getting live-action adaptations soon with Museum and Nobunaga Concerto star Oguri Shun's latest debut in Gintama being one of them, and you can read more about that here. The other is author Tite Kubo's popular Weekly Shonen Jump publication, Bleach, which tells of a Kurosaki Ichigo, a high school student who finds himself caught in the middle of a battle between worlds when he meets, and accidentally acquires the powers and abilities of a Soul Reaper, a warrior who defends wandering souls from Hollows - evil forces looking to consume them.

The manga itself is coming to an end next week with its 74th and final issue. In the meantime, the word now is that Shinskue Sato, director of such films as The Princess Blade, Gantz and Gantz: Perfect Answer in 2011 will be at the helm for the movie, reuniting him with Library Wars co-star, actor Fukushi Sota in the lead role of Kurosaki. Further casting and production details remain pending until further notice while the current goal date for the film is 2018 for Warner Bros. Japan.
Shinsuke's latest completed manga adaptation sequel, Death Note: LIGHT Up The NEW World, opens on October 29 in Japan.
(H/T: Eiga)


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