Catch The Latest Action-Packed Trailer For Dante Lam's OPERATION MEKONG

Beast Stalker and Unbeatable helmer, acclaimed filmmaker Dante Lam's career is certainly a mixed bag for some as of late. His most recent affair will hit screens in Asia on October 6 with the new action thriller, Operation Mekong and it certainly doesn't hold back on spectacular action as far as I'm concerned, although that leaves much else to be determined for the rest of the film despite some of its best efforts.

Inspired by the true story of a merchant vessel operating in the Mekong River Delta in 2011 that was attacked by bandits leaving 13 people dead. Chinese authorities team up with police forces from Thailand, Laos and Myanmar to launch an investigation into the incident when a massive stash of drugs is found on board.
Eddie Peng and Zhang Hanyu star. The latest trailer is online courtesy of Distribution Workshop and you can view it below!


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