Martial Artist, Actor Paul Mormando Now Filming New Crime Thriller, BOUND BY DEBT

It was a few years ago that actor, Cha Ki Do innovator and independent filmmaker Paul Mormando was on the verge of a new webseries called Double Fist. The project has since moved on to feature film status with a few VoD deals in the works, although post-production issues have tentatively impeded the film's completion.

As for Mormando, circumstances aren't exactly slowing him down. Nope, the native New Yorker is still on his feet with production now underway for the new crime thriller, Bound By Debt. Mormando  is also producing as is his wife, screenwriter Anna Mormando with plans to hopefully have a package ready for the markets later this year.
Paul Mormando plays Dylan James a rough and tough underground fighter who is estranged from his family. Robert James (Bobby Ciasulli) is an addicted gambler with a wife and two daughters (Nikki Silva and Alexis Mormando). When Dylan can no longer fulfill his obligations to the mob, Mob Boss Mr. Russo (Samuel DiFiore) uses Robert's gambling addiction and family as leverage against Dylan. The two brothers will have to reunite to save themselves and Robert's family.
Mormando himself just showed me a private clip of the film which amply packages the overall intense, brutal tone that he's going for, and with the help of cinematographer Marc Fratto's exceptional lensing. Footage is under wraps at the moment as production continues but Mormando does have a few pictures out and about to help sample a little of what the film will bring upon release. Check them out below and check back for more news ahead!


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