KUNG FU BOYS Kicks It Up A Notch In The Latest Trailer

Every now and then it seems like a lot of new and young faces with the potential for martial arts stardom come and go. As far as Chinese cinema goes, you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference much with the vast sea of low-budget action films with actors the rest of us see for two minutes within a trailer and that's it - that's how obscure a lot of these films are which is a little frustrating.

Thankfully this one, the latest from debut director Sheng Tao and filmmaker Wei Wang comes with English subtitles in its latest, and very spirited trailer. I speak of the new film, Kung Fu Boys, which doesn't hugely stand apart from the rest in terms of production quality, but presents a talented cast led by promising young actor Chaney Lin who stars as an Americanized boy with aspirations of becoming a superhero, only to see his mettle tested when he gets swept into a criminal conspiracy involving a smuggling ring.

The film opens on August 2, and with that, I certainly hope Lin keeps it up if this sort of career is in his trajectory. I look at him and I can't help but see another Yue Song in our midst, which is terrific in my opinion, but you be the judge. Check out the trailer below with Ruilin Liu and Kimmy Tong also starring.


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