Immerse Yourself Further Into Khan's World In A New MARCO POLO Season Two Featurette

Season two of the hit Netflix series, Marco Polo, has some pretty high expectations, specifically for action star and actress Michelle Yeoh since briefly co-starring with Tom Wu in the half-hour spin-off, One Hundred Eyes. Thankfully we get plenty of teaser shots of her further in the second half of the latest featurette for the show now online.

Season one of Marco Polo kicked off back in 2014 with the story of our title character played by Lorenzo Richelmy, alongside Benedict Wong in the role of 13th century emperor Kublai Khan. The show delves in a vast array of deadly plot twists ensuing danger, sexual intrigue and tumult of warlord politics, ultimately coming full circle with one of the best key action sequences of the season thusfar.

Needless to say, if you haven't caught up with the show by now, yo will have a lot of work to do from here on with the second season of the show premiering in less than 48 hours. That said, while we don't fully know the details on exactly what degree Yeoh helps carry the show, it'll still be a ton of fun to watch her on screen and in her element following her performance in this year's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword Of Destiny which series creator and executive producer John Fusco wrote.

Fusco and executive producer Patrick MacManus touch base for us in the featurette along with series stunt coordinator Brett Chan, and principally, Richelmy and much of the main cast. Enjoy!


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