Hayate Strikes In The New KARATE KILL Trailer!

Korea's Bucheon International Film Festival kicks off its 20th anniversary on July 21, and in great company with a terrific line-up of titles and other events to satisfy attendees. As such, award-winning director Kurando Mitsutake (Gun Woman, Samurai Avenger) is lending his craft to the festivities starting the following day with the premiere of his latest offering, Karate Kill, starring newcomer, actor Hayate in a stellar debut role as a martial arts expert who sets out to find his missing sister.

How stellar? Well, if you've seen the first teaser back in March then you might have a damn good idea. Beyond that, if there is one thing I loved about Mitsutake's work, specifically Gun Woman was its blend of stylish action with 80's and 90's B-movie tone that lives up to the splendor it promised which made it so well received among festival goers and critics at the time. Mitsutake carries that same nostalgia over in this one, laden with tropes as over-the-top as its title and poster, including spectacular action scenes by Gun Woman coordinator Keiya Tabuchi.

For all the better, a fuller sampling of those sequences can now be spotted in this week's first full trailer ahead of its Bucheon premiere, and with a September 3 release stamped for its opening in Japan. Gun Woman star Asami reunites with Mitsutake, joining actresses Mana Sakura and Katarina Leigh Waters, and actors Kirk Geiger, Akihiro Kitamura and Dark Samurai star David Sakurai.

Cue the narration and watch the new Karate Kill trailer below!


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