Tom Hiddleston In "Advanced Talks" To Play 007

Actor Daniel Craig has had his fill as superagent James Bond, a fact known long before the release of his latest and final stint in the title role of longstanding 007 franchise, Sam Mendes's Spectre. Funny enough, it's something that people have still speculated over as if it were mere fantasy - maybe some are in denial. Who knows?

At any rate, his next move will be for director Steve Soderburgh in the NASCAR heist pic, Logan Lucky followed by the new TV drama, Purity now being set up at Showtime and don't expect him to order any shaken martinis for that matter. That thirst to quench could very well now be left to actor Tom Hiddleston, reportedly in "advanced talks" to succeed the crown according to BirthMoviesDeath.
Hiddleston's name is one of several having circulated the rumor mill including the now-debunked Idris Elba prospects, as well as Fant4stic co-star Jamie Bell. BMD writes, however, that a source close to the actor says he himself very much wants the part. The star of Ben Wheatley's latest thriller, High Rise, became a comic-con favorite with his prominence as Marvel movie villain, Loki since debuting in the 2011 film, Thor. The actor is expected for more Marvel appearances with the MCU's third phase now underway, but in the meantime, it'll be worth seeing Hiddleston grow into another franchise character apart from comic books.

Further details on the 25th Bond movie remain pending. In the meantime, comment below and tell us if you would like to see Hiddleston as Bond. Share your viewpoints!


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