Jaby Koay Talks Khan, Stunts And Gunplay In EK THA TIGER (2012)

I've yet to fully immerse myself in Bollywood action aside from recently becoming a fan of Hrithik Roshan circa 2014 with the Knight & Day remake, Bang Bang!. However, it still fascinates me as much as almost anyone keen on movies, specifically action films and even moreso alongside folks like Anthony Alba, who has been galvanizing his own audience as YouTube reaction personality, Jaby Koay.

His latest subject comes in the form of the 2012 flick, Ek Tha Tiger featuring action star Salman Khan whose latest endeavor, Ali Abbas Zafar's Sultan, isn't too far off from its own release this Summer. Granted, it's one now under my radar after sampling it through this particular video which shows an extened action clip of Khan in character as he runs a course of rooftop chases with a mixture of innovative fight sequencing and stunts that may even have you agreeing with Alba's Dolph Lundgren reference.

Alba regularly analyzes trailers and clips of Asian and Indian cinema with a variety of guests and here, he's paired with venerable stuntwoman Elisabeth Carpenter (Divergent, Teen Wolf, Kathithi, Yoga Pant Brawl). I thought this was a fun video to observe, so I'm sharing it.


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