Watch The First Trailer For Tom Wadlow's New Thriller, VENGEANCE

It was back in 2014 that we first caught wind of filmmaker Tom Wadlow as his then-developing survival thriller, Rat Catcher, was taking shape. The project remains shelved at the moment following its crowdfunding efforts at the time, while now we look toward his next effort that puts him back in the director's chair for something currently active for completion later this year.

The project in question is Vengeance with actor Sukie Ghajminger (Elshera) leading the way as an unrelenting husband out for answers, and a body count, following the brutal kidnapping of his wife. The first trailer has been online since February and now we have a poster with new artwork to present the project in its current vision, and it looks like an appealing one.

All else noted, filming remains ongoing and with none other than Chris Jones (Dog, Ten Dead Men) serving as fight coordinator. Check out the current trailer below and watch for more info.


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