THE HIT LIST - April 25, 2016

Well, it's Monday morning on my end and belive it or not, I intially lost my entire draft for this week's Hit List. So, this is me typing it all out for you again. You're welcome.

Short and sweet, our stunt reels begin the new playlist and the first comes by way of a Vimeo exclusive courtesy of Eunoia Creations's own Ieisha Auyeung, followed by a YouTube playlist that features Ingun Yoo (a.k.a. Kickgun), Yoshua Sudarso, Slobo Panouvic, George Quinones, Emil Roe, Remi Bakkar and a fan-edited reel for capoeirista, actor and martial artist Lateef Crowder. The last is another Vimeo exclusive from none other than French screenfighting extraordinare Olivier Schneider, who we all hope to see behind the scenes and at the helm of his own films soon!

As for promotional bits, the first is a poster marking the upcoming Sunscreen Film Festival premiere of filmmaker Bryan Williams's new independent action thriller short, Vindictive, starring Anthony Giovanni Elias. Little is known about the project itself save for some teaser footage making the rounds on social media, but the project as a whole, accompanied by its newest poster guarantees something of an entertaining thriller on hand. Take a look:

Next and last of this segment is a new fight piece sampling creator Corey Beaureguard's recent efforts toward a hopeful network pick-up for Mirrors, a sci-fi action series set in a world where cyberpunk tech rises up in the face of a mega-corporate dystopia. The clip itself samples the story with a fight scene led by Danny Chung who plays a cop investigating a murder that pits him against a suspect A.I. killer cyborg, played by Dave Anthony Buglione. You can take a look below along with a sizzle reel from February, and by all means, share your thoughts on social media as to whether or not this looks fitting for a series of its own!

And now to get to this week's action, and in the good graces of none other than Eclipse Stunts to get things started with a quick fight sampler led by Alex Chung (more on him later), with Stained by Gui DaSilva, Darren Holmquist and Jon Burnett in a fight scene from an incomplete webseries project called Gamers, and a cool new action short by Wadi Jones titled Hard Drive. The last in the playlist is a pure gem and an official selection favorite among several festivals at the time with Flower Thieves, pitting the one and only Eric Jacobus of The Stunt People against LBP's own Shawn Bernal and Emmanuel Manzanares.

Off to the main event we go, and bragging rights now at the foot of film and stunt Canuck, Alex Chung who had the bright idea many years ago of beating himself up on camera for laughs. We discussed the specifics of this in a forthcoming interview while his newest foray into meta-stylized action comedy, Hit Me: Apocalypse is now viral and available to view below.

The film is the third and final act of Chung's three part shortfilm series since 2014, about a schizophrenic who can't stop fighting imaginery opponents in his head. Now, our underdog hero seeks help, and as you'll see a few minutes into the film, that's where I come in, along with an array of stunt talents from Wei Hsin Lee, Steven Clarke and Justin Howell among others, with returning actor Rjay Garcia, and cameo appearances by Jabronie Pictures's own Fernando Jay Huerto and Sunny Smith.

On a seperate note, my acting is crap, but I couldn't be more honored to be a part of something with the amazing people I've been espousing about on this site for the last three years. I'm proud to be as acquainted as I am with Chung, and I look forward to sharing our interview later this week.

For now, the Apocalypse is upon us!

Check out last week's Hit List if you missed it, and be sure to subscribe to today's listed channels for more content. And as always, if YOU or someone you know has a kick ass stunt reel or action demo, or a teaser or full-on project you think deserves a place in the Hit List, hit us up at!


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