Terracotta Distribution Unleashes THE NINE DEMONS In The UK Next Week!

Coming to UK on DVD next week is another classic entry into the Terracotta Distribution bundle with The Nine Demons. April 25 is the date and with a package that includes the usual remastered goods along with a restored grindhouse English dub track for Western kung fu aficionados of the Chang Cheh variety.
Kung fu meets Hammer Horror in this retro wuxia fantasy from famed Shaw Brothers director Chang Cheh (ONE ARMED SWORDSMAN, FIVE DEADLY VENOMS). * Two childhood friends and martial arts experts are the only survivors of a massacre; when one of them stumbles into a portal to Hell, the lord of the underworld grants him magical powers and an opportunity for revenge if he allows the unruly 'Nine Demons' to enter his body. Returned to the land of the living he sets out to rescue his friend and avenge his family's murder, but will the power of the Nine Demons prove too strong for this kung fu master to control?
Watch the trailer below and be sure to hit up the UK retail sites for this one.


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