JUSTICE LEAGUE Casts Willem Dafoe For Mystery Role!

The forthcoming Justice League films are still taking shape with director Zack Snyder returning to the helm in what will eventually total as four Warner Bros/DC titles. This will likely fare better for some more than others in the wake of divisive responses toward Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, to which our own Khalil Barnett contributed his own clarity on the matter in this terrific review.

Needless to say, the DCCU will be in intriguing and controversial one. The fans take it seriously and with that, the studio knows at least to bring on an impressive cast to lead the world-building superhero affair on camera, and they've done terrific on that end as recently as actor J.K. Simmon's addition to the Justice League as Commissioner Gordon amid Dawn Of Justice co-star Ben Affleck's current efforts toward all things Batman in the next several years. As of this week now, that pattern continues with exclusive word from THR that actor Willem Dafoe has been brought into the Justice League fray.

Details on his role are unknown but Warner Bros. is releasing the Justice League tete-a-tete on November 17, 2017 and June 14, 2019. Ask almost any fan of DC, however, and you might get the impression that Dafoe would appeal as a likely casting for Joker and you can probably look up any number of memes online that would argue this. Tentatively though, that role goes to actor Jared Leto in lieu of David Ayer's Suicide Squad which opens on August 5, so we'll see how this bit of news tracks from here on out between now and the next few years.

Dafoe's next appearance will be in Zhang Yimou's period sci-fi adventure, The Great Wall with Matt Damon and Andy Lau this December in China and in February 2017 in the U.S..

Stay tuned!


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