Aldo Bio, MAIS FORTE QUE O MUNDO Lands A New Trailer Post-Delay

It's understandable that the sting of defeat would ultimately undo anything that was pre-emptively ceremonial. Such was the case for Paris Filmes's postponenent of the new MMA action drama, Mais Forte Que O Mundo: A História De José Aldo following the pound-for-pound Featherweight favorite's UFC 194 defeat against Conor McGregor a month before the film's January release.

Thankfully, the film is back on schedule with a date set for June 16, with actor Jose Loreto starring in the title role and actress Cleo Pires as Aldo's wife, Vivianne. 2 Coelhos helmer Alfonso Poyart directs and with a glimmering vision that delves right into the core areas of the rising star athlete's life as he faces an array of tumult, from poverty and crime to the opponents in the ring with fight choreographer Renan Medeiros directing action sequences on his first feature film.

Check out the trailer below!


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