Watch The New Trailer For Charles Gozali's JUARA!

There's a good chance Indonesia has a new action star on its hands with the emergence of local pop sensation Bisma Karisma. His latest role in director Charles Gozali's Juara served up a noteworthy teaser back in December and lends all the more reason to keep paying attention to the talent we're seeing on hand this year.

Think somewhat of a Karate Kid story by way of Siti Kalamuddin's Yasmine with Karisma starring as Bisma, a young student and flourishing martial artist whose talent is an issue for his strict mother. Eventually, his budding relationship with a classmate named Bella (Anjani Dina) garners the bitter attention of her super-jealous boyfriend and the gang he rolls with, led by Kobar (Cecep Arif Rahman of 3, The Gate and The Raid 2) who targets and threatens Bisma's family, leaving the inspired fighter no choice but to apply his prowess accordingly with the help of a mysterious man from his past.

The film is on course for a release on April 14 and ought to make for a lovely does of feature length martial arts action with promising talent to boot. Catch the trailer below and let's hope this goes international. 


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