Watch The New Teaser Trailer For Saurabh Varma's 7 HOURS TO GO

Director Saurabh Varma's new Hindi thriller, 7 Hours To Go, is hitting local theaters in May. Shiv Pandit leads the cast along with actor Vipin Sharma and actresses Sandeepa Dhar and Natasa Srankovic with a story centered on a man who arrives in Mumbai in search of a job only to witness a crime and end up taking seven hostages of his own in a series of awry events.

Some random online pieces mention this as something based on a true story while I digress in that observation. At any rate, you can assure yourself there'll be a fair share of intrigue and intensity for this latest flick, and some over-the-top stunt work to pepper things a bit, as the latest teaser trailer invokes. Check it out!

Things always get crazy when you meet someone as tough as you especially when he won’t stop at anything. A stranger; Arjun Ranawat has held 7 hostages in the city and ACP Nandini Shukla has 7 hours to save lives but the real question is how does it end?


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