Upcoming Graphic Novel Trilogy, STEAM WARS, Envisions Giant Robot Battles Of The 1800s For Film Production

What do you get when you put a graphic novel author, a Wall Street vet and a film and television producer in the same room? You get ideas. What kind? Well, how about Victorian-era sci-fi and action with franchise potential? How about towering crew-operated mechas of the late 19th century?

If these things sound appealing to you, then you're more than welcome to accomodate actor and writer Larry Blamire and artist Tyler Kirkham into your good graces ahead of the May release for their forthcoming graphic novel trilogy, Steam Wars. Jerrick Media will be producing the books in accordance with feature film adaptations as well as the company looks toward ramping up their business model in digital media.

Tuesday's announcement below has more, along with a new promo teaser for the graphic novel that ought to give you an idea about the vision being offered here. This, on top of a film franchise of its own would be delightful to look out for, especially in an era where a franchise like Pacific Rim, despite the odds, has found it's own calling.
ENGLEWOOD, New Jersey, March 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Jerrick Media, Inc., (OTCQB: JMDA) (the "Company" or "Jerrick Media") a digital media and technology company focused on the development and marketing of branded digital content and e-commerce properties, announced today the upcoming publication of the graphic novel STEAM WARS with acclaimed writer Larry Blamire and artist Tyler Kirkham slated for May 2016.

Jerrick Media will exclusively develop the first three novels in Blamire's series, which he began developing long before the term "Steampunk" emerged in pop-culture. Coining his work "blue collar sci-fi", Larry Blamire's STEAM WARS is down-and-dirty grittiness contrasted with Victorian elegance, featuring rugged grease-spattered steam engines decorated with ornate brass, copper, and wrought iron.

Jerrick Media is a digital media and technology company creating a disruptive alternative to the traditional. The Company was co-founded by former RBC Capital Executive and Wall Street veteran, Jeremy Frommer, and his long time friend and business partner, movie and television producer, Rick Shwartz, whose production credits include Black Swan, The Departed, and the Spike TV Series Lip Sync Battle. Jerrick will be developing the STEAM WARS story which takes place in 1897, and where warfare is fought in large steam-powered fighting machines, called "steam rigs", manned by crews. The creative team at Jerrick Media is also developing a feature film based on the Steam Wars trilogy.

Artist Tyler Kirkham will also act as STEAM WARS project manager and art director. Of his involvement, he said, "It was a privilege to see the project come together. In the end, I feel STEAM WARS is something special, and a cool new take on Victorian era steam powered machines and warfare."

Jerrick Media CEO Jeremy Frommer said, "It is a privilege to work with creative talent like Larry and Tyler. Personally, I've been a huge fan of Larry for years. STEAM WARS will be a visually stunning piece of work, as well as a great story. Having recently become a public company, we are excited to move this project forward on many levels as we seek to capitalize on the vast digital opportunity we see in the market. Jerrick is designing a unique proprietary digital content platform with an eye towards profitable monetization of that content across the digital spectrum and we see STEAM WARS as an exciting step forward for us as we build our company for the future."

Creator and writer Larry Blamire said, "To say that it was fortuitous when Jeremy first saw STEAM WARS is an understatement. He is someone who keenly understands the potential of a project, then sets out to make it happen. Seeing this epic story come to fruition is a longtime dream of mine."


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