L.O.R.D.: Watch The New Teaser For Guo Jingming's 3D Epic

There's no question that filmmaker and YA novelist Guo Jingming has gained a loyal following despite the voices of some naysayers. Nowadays and having carried himself through with the Tiny Times film franchise, he's drawn quite the curiosity with some earlier promo pics of actress Fan Bingbing among the cast in motion-capture suits for his latest ambitious venture, L.O.R.D.: Legend Of Ravaging Dynasties.

Guo's own Western epic novel series, "Ages Below Critical", serves as the basis for the new film with the story set in the mystical city of Odin and with a 3D release set for September, the newly arrived teaser clearly indicates those mo-cap suits were put in good use. Check out the new teaser below and look closely as you'll spot actress Bingbing in complete C.G.I. form.

Kris Wu, Yang Mi, Chen Xuedong, Amber Kuo, William Chan, Yan Yikuan and Aarif Lee among others also star.


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